Smart detection does not work on V3

The only notice I get with my V3 is motion. When i turn on person, package, vehicle and pet detection they are turned off when I return to the menu. There is a message that sometimes appears but I can’t read it as it goes away to fast, all I can get is status 400.
My V2 cam works just fine and all notification work.

Here is a link I provided in the past which seems to help with Notifications:

Since you are on Android, there are additional steps you could take like:

  • Start the App and go to the Account Menu
  • Go to App Settings
  • Clear Cache
  • Back out to the Account Menu Scroll to the bottom and sign-out of the app
  • Long press the app (Android)
  • Select Force Stop
  • Go to Storage and Cache
  • Clear Cache here

Close this window and start the app again and see if this helps as well.

Note: your Thumbnails will be gone. They will come back when you live stream again. Make sure you know your User and password as you will need to log back into thapp.

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