Use outdoor cam with existing wireless infrastructure

I would like to know if there are either any plans for or workarounds to the outdoor base station requirement. On my property (around six acres) I have run a series of outdoor POE WAP’s that have been mounted to trees at specific locations to get good coverage across the property. It was not a trivial task to set this up however I am now happy with my outdoor wifi coverage. The question is why does Wyze restrict their outdoor cameras to only using wyze base stations? I saw in the FAQ the following explanation however it doesn’t really make sense to me. See below:

“The base station is primarily used to improve the battery life by keeping the camera power consumption low. It also provides a reliable internet connection via an ethernet cable and removes compatibility issues with different router brands.”

  1. How does a Wyze Base Station make battery usage on the camera less than any other wireless access point?

  2. Unless you are using it via some sort of bridged network, almost any WAP will allow you to plug into an RJ-45 port.

  3. What compatibility issues is Wyze referring to? If it is that older routers are not fast enough then why not just stipulate that? For example “Only for use on 802.11 A/G/N or Only for use with 2.4ghz networks”.

I would love to be able to take advantage of Wyze outdoor cams for my use, but until we they are opened up for use with existing wifi networks I just can’t see being able to use them… Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?

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Same question. I have an Orbi router outdoors and I wish I could just connect to that.