Upgrading do I lose the pay what you want later if I cancel?

So a while back I did the pay what you want for a camera service, which at the time I chose $0 so I could try to out for a while. I would like to move to unlimited yearly, but if I do and ever decide to go back, do I lose the service to that came that I had prior?

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You can keep Cam Plus Lite at your current rate, which is still available at the Pay What You Want Rate.

After you purchase your Unlimited plan, the Cam Plus Lite will remain in your account unaffected. You do t have to have any cams assigned to it. It can just sit there unused. One CPL subscription covers unlimited cams just like Cam Plus Unlimited.

I have both Cam Plus Unlimited and Cam Plus Lite. I move cams back and forth between subscriptions to test bugs and issues when needed.

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