Upgrade V2 to V3 cameras- does Cam Plus subscription carry over?

I currently have four V2 cameras with annual Cam Plus subscription. If I upgrade these to V3 cameras, will the subscription carry over to them, or do I need to start a new subscription? The current subscription does not expire until EOY.

After you add the new cameras to your account, you can move CamPlus subscriptions around as much as you want… In other words, remove a CamPlus from a V2 and add that CamPlus subscription to a new V3.
Note that you MAY get a CamPlus trial with the new cameras. If so, leave those cameras on the trial untilit ends and then move a CamPlus subscription over to the new camera.


Thank you, much appreciated!

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If you did get the 30 day trial subscription with the new cams, please be aware that this must be cancelled by you before the end of the 30 days or they will start to bill you automatically for a monthly subscription. Unassigning the new cams from the trial and assigning them to the old subscriptions will not cancel it. The new trial subscription model does not expire. It automatically renews to a paid subscription.