Trouble adding another camera to an existing CamPlus subscription

So I got this WyzeCam V3 to keep an eye on my front porch and was sufficiently happy with it that I got CamPlus for it.

Then I decided I wanted another cam, but for the backside of my house and the garden shed. Found the right spot for it, got everything properly set up for “permanent” residency outside and debated if I wanted cam plus for it or not. No matter, that second WyzeCam V3 got a free trial for CamPlus when I set it up initially. Not surprising.

I’ve finally decided to expand my current CamPlus subscription to that 2nd camera, but:

(1) I haven’t figured out how to do so.

(2) Not only that, but it seems that free trial might have somehow cancelled my existing subscription, as my front porch cam now has “cooldown” periods.

How can I set things straight anew? Is there a secret handshake, some secret ritual that must be performed to add to an existing subscription and ensure the status for both camera is fully subscribed?

One last thing (a feature suggestion or two): when asked if we want to send specific events to the AI, we should be able to say “this is just a moving shadow”, as my neighbour’s tree will cast such a shadow on my front porch. Another thing that we need to be able to specifically identify are insects, specifically spiders. I can say with certainty that, at least here where I live, the CamV3 can be very popular at night with those multi-legged creatures.

(Another last thing: if I had to dismiss the firmware upgrade notification, how do I subsequently trigger a firmware upgrade check?)


While the free trial of CamPlus is in progress, you cna’t add that camera to a paid CamPlus subscription. Wait for the free trial to expire and then you can add it.

On the App, select Account at the bottom, then Firmware update.

I think you can also remove the camera from the free CamPlus trial and add it to the subscription without waiting for the trial to expire.

As has recently been discussed in another thread, no you can’t.

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