New Wyze Cam V3 replacing Wyze Cam V2 with CamPlus account

Since V3 has 1080P resolution vs. V2, and V2 is on a paid Cam Plus payment can I delete the named V2 Wyze Cam, connect the V3 Wyze Cam (using the old V2 wiring and name it the same name that is on the CamPlus paid account. The real question is how are you accounting for cameras on a paid CamPlus account. Further, this new V3 Wyze Cam most likely is recognized as a new device and cannot replace any other Wyze Cam because you are using the internal MAC, or Serial number. There is some information on your docs that I am too lazy to find, I’m sure.
A simple answer may be "Delete the old V2, move it somewhere else with all its old wiring and wire the new V3 in its place and decide if you want to pay for the new CamPluse when the 2 weeks run out. Then decide if you want to cancel the V2 CamPlus or continue using the same name (?) or is the CamPlus tied to the S/N or MAC?
You really should have done all this thinking for me. I have a life too!
BTW, love you products, We have Watches, Cameras, Scale, and plugs. New watches on order… and DOORBELL!

The thinking has been done for you.
CamPlus is not linked to a specific or any camera.
You can buy as many CamPlus subscriptions as you like without even owning a camera.
While you are using the two week trial you can use your sub on another camera.


Angus, is that a serious reply, or are you having a jolly good time?

It is serious, CamPlus subs are not tied to a camera. You can move it from one camera to another any time you like.