Replacing my Cam Pan with V3 in my yearly subscription

I would like to switch out a Cam Pan for a V3 within the existing yearly contract. Can it be done or is there a refund for the remaining months on the original contract.

Presumably you mean CamPlus and yes you can switch which camera is assigned to the license. Go to Account/Services/CamPlus and remove the license from your PanCam and then assign it to the other.

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I removed the device but unable to assign the subscription to my new camera… it still lists it monthly abd I have been notified to pay for a second subscription

If it is a new V3, it may be part of a trial period for Cam Plus. after that period is up, it will become available for your other subscription.

Is it possible that it is part of a trial license?

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There is the 10-Day trial to go through and then I will be billed and/or disconnected until I orovide the necessary billing info

You said you’re trying to move a yearly subscription. Have you not already signed up for the subscription and applied it to your pan, or did you activiate the trial and then buy the yearly sub, but the trials not up yet.

I had a Cam Pan on the contract. deleted it and was trying to add the V3 in its place. I have tried contacting customer support directly to no avail. The new camera is still sitting in trial modebutmy acvount will not allow me to swing it over.

Wait for the v3 trial subscription to expire. Then “unassign” Cam Plus from your Cam Pan via the Wyze app if you haven’t already done so, then simply assign that old subscription to your v3 via the Wyze app.

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I’ll most definitely give it a try. The other camera is no longer visible or on the account.

As a heads up, we were finally in touch with WYSE and attempted the same sequence as everyone had suggested…this time I was able to move over my V3 from monthly to my existing yearly contract. Thankyou for everyones input…

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