Upgrade homebridge-wyze-smart-home to v0.5.42

We have work with homebridge-wyze-smart-home contributor identified an issue and they have resolved the issue with v0.5.42 version.

So please upgrade the plugin if you have chance.



This is my favorite announcement all month, maybe one of the high contenders for my favorite post all year, to have an employee (and especially WyzeChuanzhu [software development manager] of all people!) report that Wyze actually actively worked with a 3rd party dev to help keep 3rd party solutions working well for all the users who love them!

So often we get people trying to make allegations that Wyze doesn’t like and tries to prevent 3rd party solutions and doesn’t want things to work. Besides the fact that Wyze obviously allows us to create an API Key specifically so that we CAN use 3rd party options, this post alone is wonderful evidence proving that Wyze is pretty accepting, and sometimes even supportive of these efforts. I love that you worked with them to resolve an issue. Thank you for letting us know.