HomeBridge plugin makes bulbs, plugs, contact & motion sensors available in HomeKit

I have just updated the Wyze Homebridge plugin to include support for the Outdoor plug.
If you are running the Homebridge UI, search for: homebridge-wyze-connected-home-op

Before anyone asks, the RoboVac can’t be incorporated until HomeKit provides a Robot Vacuum device category. Regarding the thermostat, If I had one I would work on adding that. :slight_smile:


Very cool. Thank you for your work.

  1. Does this functionality require always on access to Wyze servers or can the devices operate off-Internet?

  2. Is this for the old existing “V1” sensors or the new ones?

This is for the V1 sensors and needs access to the Wyze servers to work.

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ps: make sure you are looking at the correct plugin. Mine is homebridge-wyze-connected-home-op
(note the “-op” on the end…)

Okay. I don’t use HomeBridge and that’s all that came up in a search.

Thanks for creating this plugin for the Homebridge community - always appreciate those that do this work.

I recently purchased a set of bulbs and want to control them using your plugin, but have had no luck when adding it to my Homebridge. This is all I get as an error in the log file:
[11/05/2021, 20:16:38] [Wyze] Request failed: Error: Request failed with status code 403
[11/05/2021, 20:16:38] [Wyze] Response (Forbidden): {“description”:“Request forbidden.”}

I’ve been able to do an IFTTT connection; I turned off two-factor authorization and have checked the password and the login info to verify I have that right. Is there something I am missing?

Thanks again!


I get the same error. Still working to try and fix it.

Did you get a thermostat? Is there anything I can do with mine that could help?

I do not have the thermostat. There is nothing you can do to help. Sorry.