Anyone here familiar with Wyze Connected Home

I use the Wyze Connected Home plugin for Homebridge. It nicely handles bringing the plugs into HomeKit.

There was a recent update which I have not been able to find any info on. Also the plugin does not support the authenticator app 2FA for a Wyze account. Anyone know how to reach the author?

I just set up Homebridge and was looking at this. I haven’t installed it yet, but the readme suggests that 2FA support has been added.

Yes, their most recent update added 2FA support. I am going to test it tomorrow and can let you know how it goes.

Googling around I see a lot of posting about using either the RTSP firmware or a custom firmware.

Some sort of direct integration would be ideal. Curious to hear how it goes for you.

The 2FA did work. The plugin enables Sense sensors (Motion and Contact) and Plugs and Bulbs. There are other plugins that will integrate Wyze cams, but all I am aware of require either RTSP or the Dafang Hacks firmware.

I was glad to see the 2FA added to the plugin as that let me re-enable 2FA on my account. In all the messing around of all things my Alexa’s temporarily gained some functionality with Wyze cams. Person Notifications turned on for one camera, for about 10 minutes. Then it went away!