Updated to for v3 but detection zones not changed

I updated to beta yesterday but the detection zone on my cameras still is a rectangle. Is there something else I must do to get this to work?

What version of the app are you running? I am using v2.19.12 on Android and v2.19.16 on iOS.

I would do the following: In the app go to Accoint then App Settings and Clear the cache, then Shut the App Down. If you are on Android Long Press on the Android App and do a Force Stop followed by Clearing the Cache from there as well.

Start the App again and go into your camera’s and see if that helps.

Not sure this will make a difference but clearing Cache allows for things to reload.

I am on ver 2.18.44 on ios. I tried clearing the cache and then restarting the app but it still doesn’t work.

looks like you need to update your app to support custom detection zones on v3

Ver 2.18.44 is the latest version that is available in the ios app store

2.18.44 is not a beta app…this feature requires the beta app

follow the steps here for the beta app


Thanks Ken

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