Update Broke My Events Function

I downloaded the Wyze App revision yesterday, 6/15. Since then my Events function has “broken”. If I go to the Event page and Select All and Delete the next time I get an event and try to look at it on the Event page I get the message “Nothing to see here, Once you connect a camera, you’ll be able to find events here” but I haven’t disconnected any camera. If I reboot my Pixel 3XL phone the new events show up. This is very inconvenient.

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The Events will eventually show up.
Yes, WYZE did mess it up a bit.

@mbaltieri A few users have been seeing this as well.

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The new events only show up if I reboot the phone.

I’ve tried rebooting and other tips and still not working correctly. No events…and when I DID have one two days ago I was not notified.