Unwanted auto-rotate with live feed view

Since the last beta update, with Android 9s auto-rotate feature turned off on my phone, when I view the live feed for any camera it auto rotates to landscape view.

Is this the updated Wyze app doing this to me or have I inadvertently changed some other setting on my phone?

I hate this. Rarely used auto rotate. Don’t like the annoyance of having to twist the phone in my hand every time I view a live feed.

If the Wyze app is doing this then it should have been the configurable setting and not a default.

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I know of no setting in the app that controls this, this should be the phone itself.

let me see if im understanding you correctly, ( and possibly anyone else that sees this)

when you hold your phone in position A and transfer to position B the live view becomes full screen even though you believe you have auto rotate disabled.

is that correct?

or is it assumption number two lol

when you open in live view in position A it automatically goes sideways and goes full screen even though you are still in portrait view holding it upright with auto rotate off.

assumption number two is correct, and describes the new handling of the display when entering the view of live feed, following the latest beta app upgrade.

YouTube and all other apps on my phone behave themselves, remaining in portrait mode unless I forcefully put it into landscape mode.


Love it when a solution finds itself! Good work and thanks for posting back!

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Well, the unwanted auto rotate to landscape mode has returned. All 6 of my cameras, WCO, V2, Cam Pan, switch to landscape view when entering the live view. Event viewing stays in portrait mode. Auto-rotate is definitely off in the smartphone.

Well, that probably rules out FW if all three types of cam are doing it. My Android device doesn’t have the Beta app so I can’t even try to duplicate.
I’ll tag the other @Mavens. I think some of them are on Android and beta and might be able to help.
Have you tried deleting the app and reinstalling it?

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The “event viewing” screen default view must be set to portrait, where "live view"streaming is set to default to landscape when the phone doesn’t control it through the auto rotate being enabled. Must be hard coded into the app.

I don’t want to create any further issues by removing the beta app (which has happily resided on my phone for over one year) and reinstalling the beta app, or the public app. The last app update was 2-3 days ago. I wasn’t using the app for live view until today, thus I blame the last update. Oh well, not a big deal in the scope of life, just new and kind of annoying.

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Probably wise.

yup, I was able to recreate this, I was unaware that an app could change orientation within itself. I thought that was dependent on the phone settings. I will definitely be sending in logs and making this known as much as I can and hopefully this will get fixed.

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