Unstable connection try again

Since the latest update 2.30.1 (10) when I go into Home Screen and touch a camera then to the settings for that camera it takes a few seconds to pull it up and anything I try to do like sync the time it says - unstable connection try again - wondering what this is and why. Everything worked fine before the latest update. I have gone through and restarted modem and router and powered down devices but nothing helps. Also as mentioned in many posts selecting a detection zone is failing. Is there a fix coming out? I can’t believe I’m spending more time troubleshooting these cameras and app. I realize they are cheaply priced cameras but with all these problems it is becoming more of a headache than it’s worth.


Which Camera(s) are you seeing this on? Have you updated the Firmware on them?

I am beta testing the 2.31 app for both Android and iOS and have not experienced this. I did have issues with my V2 Camera when I applied the latest Beta Firmware to it. However, it does not look like you are on Beta, correct?

Have you tried removing the power from the camera, waiting for about a minute and then plugging it back in to see if that corrects the issue? if it does not, here are a few steps to follow or try:

Make sure you know your account password and two factor authentication process (if you use it).

  • Start the App
  • Go to Account > App Settings
  • Clear Cache
  • Back out one menu
  • Log out of the App
  • Restart your phone or Device
  • Log back into the App
  • test to see if you can stream the Camera.

Note: your Thumbnail images will be missing as you cleared the cache. They will come back when you live stream again.

Have 4 V3 cams on cam plus and they are all doing it. They have latest firmware and my iPhone is using latest update. I have tried everything you listed before because I searched the problem on internet and all these were mentioned to fix the problems. None of them fixed it. They were all working somewhat fine before the latest update. Seems strange everything was fine before update but now my connection is unstable. Frankly it is getting to the point that they aren’t worth the trouble. I still have 2 that won’t send notifications for an event trigger. I gave up trying to fix that as it is not on my end.

Edit - now I see one camera has gone status unknown when I go to firmware update. I spent 30 years in computers and crypto so I am no novice and don’t mind a little troubleshooting but these myriad of problems has taken the shine off of wyze.

Edit 2 - deleted wyze app from phone - fixed the one that went status unknown but not the other problems. I had also powered down all cams in the first round of troubleshooting.

Edit3 - just did a reset and add of one cam that is easy to get to. Connected immediately with no problems but still getting the unstable connection.

EDIT 4 - Is ANYONE going to address the unstable connection? I was in a chat on hold for 19 minutes then chat goes off line. Chat is still not available. This is not a good look for wyze. I tried being nice about it but the runaround wyze gives it’s paying customers is ridiculous.

Sorry to see that you’re experiencing issues, but I’m glad to see that I’m not imaging my own issues.

I installed two of the Garage Door Controllers a week ago. They worked very nicely - no Wi-Fi issues - connected to my Google / Nest WiFi mesh, and I was able to bring up live view of each of my two garage doors, calibrate them, open / closer via the app, and with every live event alert I could immediately view the event and then switch over to live view.

As of sometime over the last 3 days this all stopped.

My Google WiFi reports that the two controllers / cams have a connection at about 35Mbps. But the Wyze app thinks it’s less than 30kbps. Or did earlier today…now the app can’t even connect to the two cameras.

I’ve power cycled the cameras and controllers. I’ve wiped the cache and force stopped the app - repeatedly. No joy.

This is pretty horrible. Both garage door controllers / Cam v3’s worked fine for a week, and now both won’t work at all.

@rold2ce Have you created a group and have camera’s in it? if so, take all your camera’s out of the group (you dont need to delete the group, but can if you want). Once you have the cameras out of the goup, quit the app and re-launch it (some have to do that others dont, its weird)… let us know if that works for you.

Also i agree, lately ive spent more time troubleshooting this system than i have actually used it. There have been a few moments of “i never should have invested so much money into this” moments…

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Not in a group. I have tried everything the forum have suggested and also wyze in emails they have sent. Have received email from wyze stating - “ Our team is currently looking into an error when accessing the camera’s settings/Detection settings. This has already been reported and currently being worked on”. So they are aware of the problems but like you I am getting tired of spending hours troubleshooting.

This is occurring on my iPhone (Wyze App 2.301 (b6) )

It is NOT happening on my Android Phone Wyze App v2.28.0 (102)

Same Six V3 Cameras

Im now getting the same message about “unstable connection” when i try to sync up the time… so its either the firmware or the app update…


so OVER troubleshooting the massive amount of issues i have with these bloody things…


did an app update on my ios device, and still get that unstable connection when i try to sync the time, so its still not fixed…

What does you connection status show?