About to chuck these cams in trash!

I have been having tons of connection issues with my upstairs camera! A few days ago when I would view my cameras in the group view on the Wyze app, my upstairs camera would show “offline”. However, if I clicked on that specific camera, I could see the live feed just fine and it was showing a strong connection signal. I tried contacting Wyze chat support and they weren’t helpful at all, having me go through steps that would have made no sense for the situation, including wanting me to swap out the power cable. Completely unnecessary since I informed them I could indeed see the live feed in single camera viewing mode…it was only showing offline in group view mode. I tried restarting the camera from the app and it would say “failed” right away. The only thing that worked was deleting the camera from the app and reinstalling from scratch. What a pain!

Fast forward a couple days later and this same camera feed was now showing connection error-90 when I went to view my cameras in group mode on the Wyze app. I couldn’t even view the feed in single camera view mode. Once again I had to delete the camera from the Wyze app and completely go through the setup process again. What is going on? Did some software and firmware update break these cameras? I updated all 3 to the latest firmware prior to having these issues!

These cameras randomly go offline way to much to be considered any kind of security solution. I’m kind of regretting spending the money on them now with how flaky they’ve been. I’m open to suggestions as to what may be going on though. Thanks.

Mine have suddenly started dropping their streams the past several days also. Now to be fair, I wouldn’t probably notice if it wasn’t a camera that streams 24/7 to a couple wall mounted tablets because just hitting refresh on the display brings them right back. However, a few times per day lately I’ve had to do that when in the past it might be once every few days at most. So something changed recently and it seems to be ever sins the server maintenance happened last week.

Now I’m trying to view my cams on my phone from work and nothing is connecting! Can Wyze just give me all my [mod edit] money back at this point?

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Did your issue started after the latest camera update?

Yes. But they have always been flaky even before that. But now more so

These sort of problems are very often related to the particular network environment. It is very difficult to help with that here on the forum. However, Wyze Support has tools to help diagnose. I would contact them. That is also the route you need to take to request a refund.


The cams have been stable for about a week now. Not sure why they were flaking out so much the previous week. They still need to be much more reliable if anyone truly wants to use them for security monitoring

I have 2 pan cams and started having similar issues after the latest update.

They both lose their position settings constantly and the app will show 1 or both cameras as offline randomly. Clicking the offline camera will open the live feed.

Hopefully this is resolved in the next update, this one seemed to cause many issues.

All three of my cams won’t connect today. I’ve seen three different error codes so far. I see the Wyze app was updated today. Wonder if that had anything to do with it? God these cams are so unreliable. What a joke!