Unreliable doorbell detection

Can anyone give me ideas why my doorbell will spam me with notifications over a leaf blowing on my porch, but won’t register delivery drivers pulling up and dropping off packages? I’ve tweaked settings every which way and I can’t get this camera to do what I need it to. I see others are having the same issue without any resolution, and am regretting my purchase at this point.

This appears to be a common problem. There’s another thread here going into more detail, but multiple users are reporting that their Doorbell v2 works fine for several hours, then stops. This pattern seems to repeat around the same time daily, even without rules in place.

If that’s NOT the case, and you’re getting leaf notifications around the clock, check your detection and notification settings in the app. You can adjust your sensitivity down, turn on masking (though in my experience, masking on the doorbell v2 doesn’t work properly), and even try turning on “smart” detections to see if that reduces your issue.