Doorbell repeat notifications

Our video doorbell repeats notifications incessantly. For example, we had a package (our Wyze handheld vacuums) delivered yesterday at 1:38pm. We received 29 notifications from 1:38pm until 1:59pm, and they continued at that rate until we retrieved the packages after 5 pm. Thats more than 1 per minute, all labeled as “package” with no other event occurring. It is the same thing when I had vehicle detection enabled for my own car sitting in my driveway. It literally sent a notification more often than every minute telling me a vehicle was detected, but it was only ever my own vehicle which hadn’t moved. The detection setting was at 51%. Today, I lowered it to 39% (as it also goes off every other minute b/c of shadows) and it missed a delivery driver walk right up to the camera to drop off a package. So I either have to get a notification every minute (which then causes me to miss notifications from other cameras, such as the one we use in the babys room) or I have to turn the setting low enough that it won’t even detect a person 1 foot from it?

Welcome to the forums! What ios app version are you using? And in what device? Are you getting repeat notifications of the same event? Or are you getting new events at a rapid fire rate and getting notifications of each event? Have you played with the detection zone itself to exclude the undesirable high motion areas from the camera view?

Hello- thanks for replying. I am using Wyze V2.20.142 on iOS 14.5.1 on an apple iPhone 12 Pro. Each notification is a “new” event as they vary in length. For the package, they were all generally shorter but every now and then I assume it would pick up a shadow dancing and record a longer segment. So technically its not a “repeat” notification. However, I do not understand why the camera would send me 200+ notifications for the same package. Or for my own car in the driveway. I turned the detection settings down yesterday to 40% and it completely missed about 45 minutes of my toddler and I playing in the front door. IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA. Going in and out of the front door and through the yard. I set up a detection zone immediately upon receiving the camera as there are palm fronds that hang down in the cameras view so I have blocked out the majority of where they “dance” in the wind. The camera is sending notifications of the shadows they cast, particularly in the afternoon sun on our front door step. Any help or other suggestions would be much appreciated. I do not believe other brands have issues of alerting you nonstop all day that your own car is in the driveway or that the same exact package that hasn’t moved for 3 hours is still there.

Hi- just checking if you had any other advice or ideas. This is not usable as it is. Thank you!

I’m having the exact same issue. Did you ever get this resolved? I have a package on my porch that is awaiting pickup and I get a notification every 1 minute. It’s very annoying.