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I have a v3 out front. My roommate goes out front to smoke. while he’s out there I get nonstop notifications. he walks outside. great, notify me. then he sits in a chair and sit there until he’s done and then comes back inside. It seems like it’s non-stop. it’s worse when my doorbell is charged and also sending notifications.
4:50,4:51,4:51,4:52,4:52,4:53,4:53,4:54, 4:54, 4:55, 4:55, 4:56, 4:57, 4:58, 4:59, 5:00, 5:01, 5:03, 5:03, 5:05, 5:08, 5:08, 5:10, 5:13, 5:14, 5:14. The entire time the same person is just sitting in the same chair.

This repeats over and over. He came back out at 5:22 and was out for 19 mins with 25 notifications.

I searched the notification options, and I can’t see anywhere where I can lessen the number of notifications, I have sensitivity set at 33% and 1 for sound.

I want to be notified of people, but I don’t need to be notified every 30 seconds until they leave.

I do NOT want whole home monitoring, if the friendly faces feature was separate, I might get that, but not bundled with people looking at my footage.

Are there any steps I can take to limit the frequency of notifications that are essentially the same thing over and over. even if I could limit how often I get them, anything at all other than silencing my phone, which is what I have been doing.


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Unfortunately, I believe you have already mentioned the one setting that will reduce the number of uploads, and therefore also the number of notifications… the sensitivity. You may also get some relief by using the Detection Zone to block out the high traffic areas, but that may also reduce the security effectiveness of the cam if that is an area you do want to monitor.

Since you mentioned that you want notified of “Person”, and you get back to back notifications, I will assume that you have Cam Plus and that you have the Device Notifications settings already set to only notify you of a Person event and not All Other Motion. Even with this set this way, you will still get a Person notification on every upload caused by any motion while he is in frame.

One possible solution though… If the cam is shared to him, you could ask him to turn off the cam’s notifications while he is out there. It would require him to turn them back on though.

If you didn’t want to share the cam with him, there is a way that you can automate this using a Wyze Plug. It would still require him to turn the plug off when he went outside, but it would allow you to program the notifications to be off for a set timed period so they came back on automatically if he forgot to turn the plug back on. Set up some Wyze Rules: (1) When Plug Turns Off, Turn Off Cam Notifications. (2) When Plug has been Off for 5?, 10?, 15m?, Turn Plug On. (3) When Plug Turns On, Turn Cam Notifications On.

Thanks, that’s what I figured. The battery powered cameras do have options to limit how often events record, while that is not exactly what I want, that would be WAY better than 200 notifications from 1 camera every day. Of course, just adding an option to limit notifications would be more helpful.

Thanks for your suggestions. I think I’ll play around with Tasker and see if I can come up with something that mutes Wyze notifications if I start getting a bunch.

If you assign the cam to Cam Plus Lite it will limit the uploads and notifications to one every 5m as it will be subject to a 5m cooldown.

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I updated the app this week to try out the new dark mode in the cameras. Ever since, I’ve been getting bombarded with notifications. I have 2 V2 cameras inside the house downstairs. Normally I’d get 3 notifications every 5 minutes when someone is walking around (2 motion and 1 sound). But now I’m getting 1-2 motion notifications per minute from each camera. It’s gone bonkers!

I checked the Services and both cameras are still on Cam Plus Lite.

It’s been a while since I previously updated the app but it seems that the issue with the extra notifications is app-related. It’s as if I suddenly have Cam Plus on all my cameras (I don’t because I can’t enable Friendly Faces, for example). Cam Plus is really not needed for indoor cameras in a house. 1 notification with 5-minute delays was perfectly fine.

I don’t want to disable notifications completely or during certain times as that reduces my security.

If this is some new feature where the delay has been removed for free, can you add the option to put the delay back in again please?

I did a walkabout to test it.
Previously the notifications were (I think) Motion and Sound. Now I’m getting Sound, Person and Complete Motion.

Again, before updating the app, in 5 minutes I’d normally get 1 sound and 2 motion alerts. Today I got 17 alerts. The sound alerts are still 5 minutes apart but the Person / Complete Motion alerts are a lot closer together.

My phone couldn’t fit all the notifications in the dropdown but here are the last few:
Person detected on Kitchen at 6:46 PM
Complete Motion detected on Front Door at 6:46 PM
Complete Motion detected on Front Door at 6:46 PM
Person detected on Kitchen at 6:47 PM
Complete Motion detected on Front Door at 6:47 PM
Person detected on Kitchen at 6:48 PM
Complete Motion detected on Front Door at 6:48 PM
Sound detected on Front Door at 6:48 PM

This must be killing your notification server :slight_smile:

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Ooh! Cake!

It appears that the App Update may have a bug that is disabling the 5m cooldown on Cam Plus Lite cams. I would suspect that Wyze will get this fixed soon.

What App Version did you update to?

I’m on v2.44.5 (330).

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Hello @nightmayor, we are looking into this issue, could you let me know what firmware the cameras are running that are doing this?

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Hi @WyzeJasonJ

It seems to be only my V2 cameras that are doing it. They are on
My V3 cameras are okay.



Having same issue, i have 2 cam v3’s one is on cam plus which doesnt have any problems and other is on cam plus lite and i have an sdcard in it and have it on events only, to try and lessen the notification but i get them non stop and i dont get notified on my phone which is a problem as well for this cam but when i open events it just goes on an on with notification recordings