Unbrick Wyze Cam V3 after last update

2 of my 3 V3’s (purchases Dec. 2022) have stopped working and are FUBAR and showing solid red continuously. Removing microSD, plugging in and pressing reset has no result, they stay solid red. Trying to flash firmware with 2 micrSD cards have had no result, Camera still shows solid red.
Any ideas as I’m afraid to touch the remaining one in case it fails as well. Interestingly, my 2 V2’s are still working great.

What step are you not making it to? Are you using SD cards that are 32 gig or smaller?

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Have you swapped out the cord and adapter to make sure it isn’t a low power issue? I have one V3 with a bad power adapter that will work for a couple seconds after a power cycle then revert to a red light and go offline… And I had the status light turned off.

Have to climb up into the attic and swap out that power adapter this weekend.

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I facig this issue . Hve u resolved?

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Please provide details about what your cam is experiencing and what led up to it.

My v3 pan stuck in red solid led after firmware update. Try to reset by powering off for 30secs and press setup for 10 seconds upon reboot but unable to recover.
I see that manual firmware push have been recommended in this forum. Can i know if it helps? Able tk share the step by step guide?

EDIT UPDATE : Wyze has requested that users attempt to Factory Reset the cam prior to flashing to see if that will resolve the issue. Please report back your results as this will be passed thru channels to the Wyze Developers. If the Factory Reset does not resolve the issue. Manual Flashing is the next course of action.

It is possible that the cam Firmware update was incomplete or corrupted during download or install which means no amount of resetting or restarting will bring it back online or make it capable of getting another OTA update.

Flashing is the only option.

Only use a blank 32GB SD Card.

The instructions are here:

The Firmware “.bin” files available can be downloaded within .zip files from the Wyze Firmware & Updates site. I believe there are 3 versions available for the PanV3:

Thanks it fixes via manually updating the fw

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Same issue. Wyze Cam 3 bricked after the last update. Will not factory reset and will not allow flashing.

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What size SD Card did you use for the Flash?

Finally got mine fixed! I put the cameras on their own IoT network nothing else on it, put my phone on 2.4ghz main network and turned off the 5ghz networks completely, factory reset the cameras, restarted the router, restarted the phone. The cameras had no trouble joining the network after all that and about 5 hours reading and trying everything else.