Unauthorized Charge to Credit Card

Has anyone else experienced this??? I have no billing agreements. I did not buy my camera directly from Wyze. I have no stored payment methods. Yet I got a $1.00 charge today from ‘Wyze Labs’.

I was asked to help the Wyze community by donating $1 a while back… maybe a month ago. I did not agree to it as I am not even in the country now and am not using my camera - haven’t used it for nearly a year. And I definitely never gave them my credit card info so I have no idea how they could have charged me but they did.

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Sometimes vendors will check the validity of your credit card by using an authorization hold, which is a temporary dollar amount which looks like a charge (but isn’t). This temporary hold amount is usually $0, $1, or $5. Your credit card company controls the amount of time it takes to release the hold.

If you never ever gave Wyze your credit card information, contact your credit card company. You will not be able to contest the charge unless it is aged past the hold time.
If in doubt, put a hold on the credit account and request a replacement credit card with a new number.


This sounds like the pay what you want person detection. (Which is a monthly charge if you opted for anything other than $0.00)

Log in here:

See if you have any services listed.


Hello @tjohns92109, I would definitely do as @joedel263 stated and lig into the Wyze Servces page and see if you are signed up for the Pay What You Want Person Detection. That is the only thing I could see taking out a dollar since it was set up as a monthly charge if you opted to donate. You can login and remove it or change it to zero.


I believe that worked. I was not able to change it to 0.00 so I cancelled the subscription and removed my card. I think I know what happened. When you try to cancel there is a dialog that pops up that looks like one of the typical ‘are you sure’… but if you don’t read it thoroughly and just hit ‘yes’, you are agreeing to let them charge you $1.00. Very shady in my opinion as there is other more obvious ways to let people know you can continue at $1.00 or cancel, but whatever… it’s cancelled. Thanks for the info, Jason21271.


I am being charged $1.00 a month but my account does NOT show that I have any services.
Is there some way to straighten this out with live person?

You can reach a live person at:

Wyze Customer Support: (206) 339-9646
Available Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT
Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT


I did. 14.95. I don’t find my credit card anywhere on the app. I don’t know if that’s for a year, or a month. WTF. I’m really getting tired of this. Curiosity Stream pulled that on me too and won’t let me delete my credit card info.

i d call support asap and also block account for now