Debit card problem

Has anyone else had their debit card denied? After having been in Wyze’s system for a long time. I went to order a camera about 2 months ago and my card was denied. So I thought maybe something was wrong on the Wyze end and used Amazon pay, which is tied to same debit card. Fast forward until a week or so ago and I get a notice that my payment for a monthly charge was denied, along with asking me to update payment details. So I looked at my account and there is money. That’s when I remember what happened earlier. So I try to update info with same card details and it says unable to update, check card details. So I contact support and get nowhere. They keep giving me canned answers with no resolve. I ended up using my wife’s card and it went through with no problems. Then I receive an email saying how things are suddenly resolved. WTF? Of course they are I changed the card info. I would like to put some of the “support” conversation on here so you can see how frustrating it was but not sure if that’s allowed?

I had this problem with an Internet hosting company. It was NEVER resolved, no matter how much I pursued it with their support. Too many intermediaries and tinker toy fraud filters in the chain.

I’ve seen people post Wyze support chats here before so I imagine it’s allowed.

Great what a “coincidence”. My current host just failed to bill my debit card. All info was correct. I went and paid by hand. This had better not keep happening as it’s what killed my last “relationship”.

I bet the antifraud idiots have stepped up their BS filters lately. For what it’s worth mine seems to use Stripe behind the scenes…

So here’s some of the conversation with Wyze support. I know this isn’t an ordinary problem but it’s almost like they aren’t listening.

As you can see, I got nowhere. And I got the same response twice about their algorithms. Basically just blown off. But obviously my card has been marked in their system as bad or suspicious.

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Yup, it’s like incorrectly getting blacklisted as a spammer but much worse. And the “algorithms” BS is what I was talking about. The credit card / fraud companies have amazingly primitive methods of profiling and innocent people like us are the victims. I couldn’t even use my debit card while on vacation a few states away.

Sorry to hear about this trouble! For the sake of security, we can’t give too much information about how those systems work but it does sound like something was flagged. May I please have a support ticket number so I can see if I can get anything further from the team about this? I don’t see ticket numbers in the images. No promises but I’ll look into it. :slightly_smiling_face:


Ticket number 1096000. Thank you for offering to look into this. I’m not blaming anyone it’s just a strange problem. And some of the answers I got were weird to me. And if it can’t be resolved, at least my wife’s card is working. :+1:

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Thank you for your patience! I’ll send this over. :slightly_smiling_face:

Well, we’re not seeing a flag on our side. I had the team check. We’d recommend asking your bank about this to see if they have any info on their side. Sorry I didn’t have anything more concrete for you!

Thank you for checking on it. As long as my other one works, I’ll be fine.