Customer Service Fail

I am writting here just to let Wyze know that I disputed an erroneous charge you made to my Amex card during your “upgrade” from CMC to CamPlus in my account. I wrote to you about it and your reply took over a week and failed to address the issue. I wrote back and never heard from you again so now it is between you and Amex.
-Signed up for CMC monthly subscriptions for two devices on 7/28/2020 and was charged $2.98 as expected.
-On 7/31/2020 you emailed to inform that I was being ‘upgraded’ to CamPlus and stated I would see a reversal of a prorated amount and a recharge of the amount for what can not be interpreted as really stupid accounting and bad planing on Wyze’s part (annoying for the customer and costly for Wyze).
-Looking at my credit card it appears that you charge me $2.96 on 7/29 and never issued a credit for the same amount…
-On 8/6/2020 when I was informed of the new availability of an annual plan with early bird pricing I signed up the two devices to the annual plan and paid $23.68 and was credited $2.16 for the unused balance of pre-paid month i was in the middle of.
-I emailed customer service about the missing credit per the 7/31 email about upgrading to CamPlus and after over a week finally received a careless reply where the agent mistook my $2.16 refund on 8/6 for the missing $2.96 refund of expected on 7/29 and which I had asked about.
-I replied to that email and have yet to hear back, now weeks later!
-So I have disputed the erroneous $2.96 charge with Amex and hope that you can work it out with them as you clearly are not going to ever reply to me.
Thank you.

This type of problem seems to be too common.

We’re really sorry to hear this and thank you for letting me know. Could you please tell me your support ticket number so I can use this as a training example for the team?

We had to switch some backend systems with the transition and that’s why we had to refund and then charge again. We understand that it was not the smoothest experience for customers (even without the complications you experienced) and we apologize for the necessity.

Gwen, although your attention to problem areas are appreciated, the ‘business as usual’ Blaise attitude of support and I think engineering to an extent are the real problems… In actuality, I think that the constant tweaking of firmware and software are yielding instability which begets unreliability and thus the companies reputation continues to plummet. Sadly support reminds one of the little boy who cried wolf, wolf until the villagers finally just ignored him… The term ‘we’re working on it’ just doesn’t hold much water anymore… There is absolutely no reason why we don’t get prompt and to the point responses… We submit tickets then you end up asking for our ticket number so you can kick some booty nd get something done… Sorry young lady, I’ve done customer support and that is NOT the way it works… I think the product produced is generally good, obviously well priced but supported in a very mediocre fashion.

I like my cameras and sensors, I wish they lived up to the hype that was used to pander to the customers who have invested money and extensive hours of trouble shooting that by all rights should be turn key operational out of the box. I continue to rally around the Wyze flag albeit with growing trepidation… Please feel free to forward this post in it’s entirety to the “Team”.

[Wyze Ticket 703799] Re: Incorrectly Charged Cam Plus

And they have still not replied to
My follow up. But Amex has reversed the charge pending you challenging the complaint.

@cmcm, I just checked this ticket number and I see a reply from our agent, Tanvi, on August 13th as the last response here. I’m not seeing another open ticket from you. Could you please verify that this is the correct ticket number? It seems to be about the same issue but I want to make sure. :slight_smile:

@Big_monkey, I saw your reply come in through email over the weekend and I shared it with the team then. Thank you for the feedback.

Thanks for the confirmation @WyzeGwendolyn… You continue to amaze

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:joy: I don’t think I earned THAT high of praise here but I appreciate it!

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That is the correct ticket number.
I have no comment as yo why you don’t see my follow up reply Wyze’s initial response that took so long to receive. All I can do is speculate that your ticket management system is a mess. You know better than me. As I said I already disputed the over charge with Amex so am done wasting my time on this. Good luck sorting it out with all of your customers that had to endure similar treatment.

It is certainly possible that a system error of some sort prevented us from receiving your reply. At least we know why our agent didn’t send anything back to you after that. I’ll send this over to the team to have our support platform see if they can figure out what happened.