Yet another example of poor customer service

I am again posting about poor customer service from the support staff. I filed a ticket for the fact that I ordered two (now three) V2 cameras that are supposed to include 3 months of free CamPlus service but I never received the email that would allow me to redeem/activate my subscriptions. I finally got a response from support with a redemption code for ONE license but I cat get any response regarding the other two missing codes. I’ve sent multiple emails in response but I just get crickets.

Support ticket number is 1173862 if anyone can prod them into some sort of response. (@WyzeGwendolyn ?)

I’m on it. Sorry for the trouble, @WildBill!


Thanks for the quick response. I wish support was that fast.


Got a response from support…one camplus license regardless of how many cameras I buy? Website implies one per camera.

I’m eagerly awaiting the ability to buy a Watch 47.
Any idea when that might be?
I’ve already preordered and received 2 bands for them. I hope I ordered the right bands for the 47.
We love your products (color bulbs, band, lock, Pan Cams & V3’s, preordered the floor lamp and HMS which I’m eagerly awaiting!!! I added sensors, so… ) and I feel much safer with my cameras, as a former cop that is saying a lot.
For all the people who don’t say “thank you” THANK YOU for all you do!!!


What does this have to do with the topic posted?

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I apologize. I’m new to the forum and threads and I’m sure put my question and comments on my admiration for the products in the wrong place.

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I have had good service in the past, but this latest issue is frustrating me. I have an HMS that the keypad will not connect to the hub. The ticket has been open now for over a week, and I have not gotten any response from anyone.
What good is an alarm if the keypad will not connect. All the other sensors connect fine.
Wyze Ticket 1168844

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This is the quote from the email I received regarding CamPlus and the V2 camera purchase:

I would also like to inform you that you will receive a code per order and not per camera that you have ordered. I hope you understand.

Where is that stated on the website? Certainly not on the screenshot I posted. It just says 3 months of free CamPlus with purchase,which, to me, implies per camera. So, @WyzeGwendolyn , which is correct? Where is it stated per purchase and not per camera?

Hi, Gwendolyn, and thank you @WildBill for bringing up your Customer Service frustrations with Wyze. I know how Bill feels, I have tried to seek help through Customer Service numerous times now (Ticket #176671 most recently, although my issues with Wyze began almost immediately after installing the WYZE Lock back in 2019).

Gwnendolyn, I have tried to reach out to WYZE staff, and have not received even the decency of a response from your company. I am truly at wit’s end with your company and have been unable to reach anyone willing to take ownership of resolving this relatively minor issue (the Lock does not respond to its geofence for the auto-unlock feature. I’ll allow you to read over my account rather than go over the calls and my posts on these forums. It has become rather extensive! It does surprise me that with this much contact, it still appears to still remain “through the cracks”.

Gwendolyn, it appears that you have the ability to help customers and get @#$% done. Could you help me, too? Respond here, e-mail me, or even call me, I genuinely and sincerely do not care. At this point it would just be a pleasure to be ACKNOWLEDGED by WYZE! =-)

Anxiously and even a little bit hopefully,


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I have the same issue with my lock as well (geofence).
I forgot about it until you mentioned it, it doesn’t really bother me tho because we have the keypad, would be nice tho!!!
I just want my Home Monitoring System and to be able to order a size 47 watch.

Still no response from support after multiple emails. The support system is an utter disaster right now… ticket 1173862.

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We’re sorry, folks. I’ll get these other ticket numbers to the team now.

@WildBill, I honestly don’t have a whole lot of experience with the promos. I’ll see if I can get confirmation for this.

@bwhite1354, thanks for your support! I don’t know when the general access launch for Wyze Watch 47 will be but we’re happy you’re looking forward to it! :smiley:

@The_Midnight_Driver, consider yourself acknowledged, Matthew! Thank you for sharing your experience with me. Like I said earlier, I’ll get these over to the team. We are so sorry for making you feel ignored.


@The_Midnight_Driver, could you please verify that support ticket number for me? It seems potentially shorter than it should be so I’m wondering if it’s old enough that it wouldn’t be available anymore or if it is incomplete.

There are two issues with this. One is the misleading web page which indicates one free CamPlus license per camera. The other issue is I placed two orders, each with a Black V2 which means I should have gotten a second redemption code for the second order, which I have not.

I’m talking to the team about this. I’m told that the first code you received for your order should have worked for both of your cameras to give you Cam Plus for 3 months. The code that we sent in our response to you will work for one camera. I’ve been talking to the head of our Wizards and he assures us that he’ll make this right for you. :slight_smile:

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Yes, Gwendolyn, the # is 176671. The e-mail from your phone rep is below. Thank you for communicating!

Matthew R. Wiltse

You’re welcome for the communication! We weren’t able to find your ticket with that number. Could you please copy and paste the text? It looks like you tried to attach the email but it didn’t make the trip safely into the forum.

First code only gave me 3 mos. for one camera. I have now received a credit for a second 3 mos. on the second order, but no code. Still missing one 3 mos. subscription.

My Subscriptions

To use your subscribed service on your Wyze devices, open the Wyze app, go to the Account tab, tap “Services,” tap the service(e.g. Cam Plus), then assign your newly purchased license(s) to the device of your choice.

Cam Plus

You have 1 camera(s) active on monthly subscriptions.

Auto renews 2021-05-20

Cam Plus

You have 1 camera(s) active on annual subscriptions.

Auto renews 2022-02-26

I’ve only gotten 2 weeks of Cam Plus with the purchase of cameras and I have 7 of them, never 3 months.