Payments on CamPlus under paypal and payment failure sent to Gmail

I have 3 cams and registered for Cam Plus on my phone, I keep getting emails to my gmail acc. that payment has failed and my PayPal shows the payments re successful. When I try change my cams to gmail acc. it says I have to re register the cams. Does that mean pushing the button on the back of the cams?
If I choose not to do that, how do I stop the payment failure notification to my gmail acc?

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I just tried to activate 3 CAM PLUS on cousin’s phone through Wyze App and the same thing happened. She only uses AOL email and Wyze App is AOL, yet when we tried to subscribe to 3 Cam Plus licenses, the GMAIL account appeared that operates her Android phone. I could never find a way to pay for her 3 Cam Plus licenses. Wyze needs to get Customer Service. I have become fed up with no help. Ticket Support for another issue I had and it was such bs, it was shocking. I got an absurd email that clearly had no reading of my message. Then, it said it you still need help to contact them. And, can somebody tell me HOW? I am very disillusioned by Wyze. Angry, in fact.

i’ve been using wyze for ever since they got in the cam business. when they launched the cam plus unlimited plan for 7.99 for 99 cameras, i jumped in, payments went through for little over a year (payment methods are 2 credit cards and paypal). October of this year, i was notified that payment was declined and my service was disconnected. ever since oct i have been unable to get someone to assist with resolving this issue. customer service number doesn’t route your call to the tech people, they only accept emails. and they don’t read the emails they just reply with non sense and don’t bother taking the time to read what your shared with them. i honestly don’t know what to do next. i am sure they’re cash cow is their subscription business, so imagine how much money they are losing by not solving payment issues. weird no?!

Perhaps there is a conflict between subscription address and billing/payment method address. Wyze subscriptions require a US or Canadian billing address. Credit card processors compare addresses to help identify scammers. I’m not sure how PayPal processes payments.

Thanks for your message, i have double checked and re entered all info again (they were correct). let’s see what wyze system will do now, over the past few weeks, it didn’t look very wyze at all.