Payments on CamPlus under paypal and payment failure sent to Gmail

I have 3 cams and registered for Cam Plus on my phone, I keep getting emails to my gmail acc. that payment has failed and my PayPal shows the payments re successful. When I try change my cams to gmail acc. it says I have to re register the cams. Does that mean pushing the button on the back of the cams?
If I choose not to do that, how do I stop the payment failure notification to my gmail acc?

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I just tried to activate 3 CAM PLUS on cousin’s phone through Wyze App and the same thing happened. She only uses AOL email and Wyze App is AOL, yet when we tried to subscribe to 3 Cam Plus licenses, the GMAIL account appeared that operates her Android phone. I could never find a way to pay for her 3 Cam Plus licenses. Wyze needs to get Customer Service. I have become fed up with no help. Ticket Support for another issue I had and it was such bs, it was shocking. I got an absurd email that clearly had no reading of my message. Then, it said it you still need help to contact them. And, can somebody tell me HOW? I am very disillusioned by Wyze. Angry, in fact.