Unable to watch WCO away from home

My husband and I have noticed that when we’re not home we’re unable to watch the live stream of the outdoor camera. There is no issue when we’re at home on our own wifi. We haven’t had this issues with any of our other Wyze devices. Any ideas on how to resolve this issue?

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Are you using your mobile data or WiFI(not your home network)?
Is your app up to date?

There was another post about this. Turned out the WCO needed some ports forwarded threw your router in some situations, but it’s rare. Sounds to me like you have the same thing going on.

App is up to date, If I watch using my mobile data or from work wifi I can’t watch the live stream.

That’s probably what it is, I’ll look into that, thanks!

i made a second to find what i was refering to (i’m not much help without providing a link) and was able to find it! Have a look

I would start with port 22345, that appears to be the one that handles the live stream when your not on the same network.

again for anyone else reading this, there should be no need to open ports normally. apparently there are some routers that disagree with me :wink: