Unable to upgrade to the RTSP firmware

I cannot back down the firmware either. I tried several different versions of the “normal” firmware, but same results: fast flashing yellow light. Looks like this camera is fubar. Anyone know what the warranty is on them? It is less than a year old.



Persistence pays off! Before trashing the camera thinking it was bad, I tried one more time and this time it worked! I am happy to report that the new rtsp firmware works great with Synology’s Surveillance Station!


So now that I have RTSP working, is pan and tilt supported through RTSP? I vaguely remember reading that it is not. If not, it would be great if it could be added at a future date!

Nope needs the onvif protocol.

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How did you figure it out? I am facing the same issue? The one thing I noticed is the steps say to “unzip” the download but the download isn’t a zip file. I am directly downloading the .bin file. I am renaming the file as well.

After following the steps, I get the blue / orange light I release setup and it reboots (I think). When it comes back up it is just flashing the orange light.

I just went through this when I tried to upgrade to the latest RTSP FW.
Used Possible solution for bricked cameras worked.


I solved this problem by formatting my 128 GB microSD card as FAT32 (not exFAT) with the third party tool “fat32format” by RidgeCrop Consultants. Worked great, saved me from buying a smaller card just to change my Wyze v2 firmware :slight_smile:


hello i still cannot my firmware to change to the rtsp i tried 3 different sd cards and i am not sure what to do

This may seem like an odd question but what size cards are you using to try and flash it.

i tried 64 gb 8gb and 32 gb

I have only been able to flash cams using a 32gb card, the others would never work. I see that you have already tried a 32gb card though. I do not run RTSP so I am not sure of what other issues you could run into, hopefully one of the RTSP users will see this and give some more ideas.

what steps did you take to install it maybe i am doing somthing wrong and i dont realize it

The instructions I used are the ones in the link below for the V2 and Pan cameras.

Yes I tried that and still can’t get it to work.

Just for my two cents worth, I flashed RTSP to one of my V2’s several months ago with a SanDisk 32gb. Used the same procedure that @WyzeJasonJ gave you.
A couple of questions/ comments:

  • You don’t say if you are Windows or IOS on your PC. Note that the Windows file needs to be extracted before the Demo.bin can be copied.
    “1. Download a specific version of firmware, For Windows 10: Right-click on the folder and select extract all. For Mac: Just drag and drop the folder, put it on the root directory of your microSD card. For both Mac and Windows, rename the file to demo.bin .”
  • the part about holding the setup button while inserting the power cord can be confusing. You need to do this step exactly as described.
    “ 1. Hold the setup button, plug in your USB cable, and keep holding the setup button for 12-15 seconds, then release the button.”
    The long time holding the button is critical. And you need to be holding it down before inserting the cord.
    Hope this helps.

hello i am am on windows and i have done all of that and it still doesn’t work my light wont even turn blue it just goes to the set up where is says ready to connect

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Have you tried formatting your SD card in your computer before putting the RTSP Files on it? It could possibly be something with the card (s). There is an industry standard program recommended for use in formatting SD cards available Here. Be sure to use the full (deep) format option which will overwrite the card and either fix or let you know if there are bad spots on the card.
However, it really sounds like you are not holding the setup button fully down for the full length of time. It is just a little plastic’ lever’ that has to make contact with and depress the actual button inside the cam. It has a habit of being both too sensitive when you don’t want to hit it and also sometimes difficult to hit when you do want to.

You didn’t say if you are using a pan cam or not but it can be very difficult because of the rotation of the base.
This procedure should work if you follow it correctly. If it doesn’t, I would suggest you Contact Wyze Support. Be sure to detail what you have already done and post back to let us know what happens.


hi i am formatting my cards and i am using a normal v2 i have tried it still and it is not working and i im sure that i am holding down the lever