Unable to stop push notifications

Hello everyone,

Just wondering: am I the only one unable to stop the push notifications since the last app update? I disabled them per camera, then I disabled all notifications from within the app (under “Account”). Did not help. So I blocked them from the Android level.

I submitted a ticket and have just been told to do a factory reset. I have 18 cameras and wonder if the firmware/hardware is really at fault.

Anyone else ran into this in the last few days?

Wait… you can’t get them to work, and now you can’t get them to stop? I’m confused. Are you sure you’re not seeing old notifications that were queued up during the time when notifications weren’t working as you reported in the other topic?

I have not seen this reported. You may want to try force-quitting the app and clearing the app cache and data. If that doesn’t work, delete then reinstall the app. These steps would force it to refresh settings from the server.

@Loki Actually, both. In detail:

Since the last app update, I cannot get the Wyze app notifications to stop. EXCEPT: after a while, they “get stuck somewhere”. They re-appear in bulk hours later or when I reboot the phone.

Separate from that, ALL app (Wyze, IFTTT, Gmail) notifications (except for texts) stop randomly. Then they either flood in all at once at no particular delay or I have to reboot the phone and THEN I get them flooding in.

This happens on Android 5, 6, and 7.

@Loki - One other thing: of the 18 cameras, I want the notifications from just 2, not all of them. Right now, I disabled push notifications on all cameras and in the app because I am using IFTTT.

It’s hard to say, but given that there aren’t other reports of unable to stop Wyze notifications, it sure sounds like it’s all wrapped up in your more general Android problem. You might want to file a support request with Wyze and see if they can help.

I know virtually nothing about Android, so I’m no help to you there. But if this were another OS, I’d suggest a clean reinstall of the operating system.

you stated this is on multiple versions of android. I believe android 5 and up they took away the option for third party apps to control the Data stream on or off, but I would look at that. it sounds like your data is turned off at some point and later comes back on. at which point all your notifications and contact with the camera ( and gmail) and everything would flood in. having data off would still allow you to get texts ( sms) but not picture messages (mms)

try to establish a pattern (certain times of the day) for when this is happen and try to view the live stream at that time. if you are unable to see the live stream then its possible your data is off or if nothing else you don’t have good enough service to use data at that point. unless that is of course you are spending most of your time on wifi. in which case this wouldn’t be the cause.

because you mentioned that rebooting the phone can cause the flood of notifications to happen im lead to belive there is a setting or app on your phone that is controlling your data. are you rooted by chance?

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@Bam - I only use wifi, none of the devices are routed.

I face two issues: one is that - although I disabled push notifications in the Wyze app - they keep coming. Until the 2nd issue kicks in: when all notifications stop. They stop randomly and they resume randomly. The only way to force them to resume is to reboot the device. I do not know if this is just Wyze/IFTTT specific because until recently I never needed to rely on these.

The inability to disable push notifications is the only one I count on Wyze’s help with. The other notification issue is with Android - given that it affects all apps.

In case this is related to IFTTT, I would go to IFTTT.com or the IFTTT app and turn OFF all applets.

That said, it really sounds like when you say the Wyze notifications keep coming after they’ve been turned off, that these are old notifications that were generated before turning them off, but not delivered. Then the backlog of old notifications floods in. And that seems to be part of your more general notification problem.

@Loki - sorry, that is not the case. I have always kept wyze notifications disabled. They started coming after the most recent app update and they are all current / real time. Until they stop at the same time all the other ones stop.

I guess I’m out of ideas then. Let us know if you get any more help from the support ticket. I think though, that I’d come back to this after getting the larger notification issue solved. I’ve not heard of any other case of Wyze notifications coming after they’ve been turned off.

Hello again,

Latest news: somewhere between app and firmware updates, as well as clearing the cash - the notifications started cooperating again. In other words - disabling notifications in the app works.

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