Unable to dismiss some notifications - Android App

I’ve had an issue for a year or so, on a few phones, even blue stacks, and several versions of the Android app. Everything is up to date, app and firmware. Every other day or so there is a Wyze camera event I can’t dismiss. I might have a dozen notifications and can’t dismiss, if I try individually, I can dismiss all but one.

Turning off and back on app notifications or restarting phone or service will fix it, but it just happens over and over to the point it’s frustrating, so I’m finally posting it to ask for Wyze to address it.

Over the years I’ve seen a handful of apps, even the default text message app, have issues with notifications, and they tend to add an option in the app to clear notifications, so maybe that would be a quick addition to resolve this?

[Mod Edit]: Your request was moved to this category since it involves an issue, not a request for a Product or Service enhancement by Wyze.

Hi @Brian_CT

Out of curiosity, is it a camera/event notification or a location based feature notification?
Like the one below?

If location go into Settings>Apps>Wyze>Notification Settings and turn off Notifications Manager and it should allow you to clear that notification with still getting your event notifications.

Camera based. One of the AI notifications. Although I previously had the one you’re referencing active when I used the watch, I disabled it a while ago.

I suppose a secondary request would be to hide that notification somehow, because it was similarly annoying, grouped with the cam notifications, but semi important for the watch.

One of my cameras is a baby cam, so at night, I just want to quickly glance to see if I need to get up. Honestly, prior to the baby, this wasn’t an annoying enough bug to report, but when the app isn’t reliable in a half sleep state of overtired parenting, it causes grumpiness.

That is odd. I am trying to replicate but cannot on a Pixel 6 and Samsung Note10+ With Android 12 and Wyze App version 2.29.0 (110)

I’ll keep poking around.

I’m on the Pixel 5a currently, which should be the same as a 6 from an OS version standpoint, but had the same issue on my 4 and 3a. I ironically just got pushed a Wyze app update, so I’ll follow up in a couple days if that happened to fix it.

I can’t recreate it intentionally, so I’ll just have to wait and see.

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I have a galaxy s21 ultra and i noticed this past couple months I will get a notification that’s “stuck” on the bar and I cannot clear it. A reboot solved it, but it’s getting more persistant… rather annoying. Turning on and off notifications from the app does nothing. My pull down window doesn’t see it so there’s nothing to clear. I cannot swipe or do anything with the notification.

I can long press the camera notification and click off wyze message and turn it back on and it seems to solve it, but it doesn’t really make sense to me why.

Confirming it still happens with the recent app update. When this doesn’t happen, if you have say 30 notifications, you can swipe once in the main notification to clear all of them, but when it does happen that doesn’t work and you have to clear them individually, until you get to the one that won’t clear. There’s no way to remove that one without the steps I described initially. Notifications will continue to stack once it happens.

Thought I’d add how I typically stop it. When pulling down the notifications, long press the Wyze one, and go-to notification settings, toggle off and then on “Wyze Message”, and that clears the notification that otherwise doesn’t close.

Same problem here on a Samsung S22 Ultra. Always 1 event notification that won’t swipe away. Super annoying.

Thanks for posting this. Still happening occasionally on my Pixel 5. Lot easier than restarting it.

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I’ve got one of these right now. Had several during the weekend too.

This just happened to me as well. There was one wyze notification that couldn’t be cleared. It is a different color than the rest of the notifications and was an AI event.

This is happening to me. Ill get a bunch of notifications from Wyze (different cameras), and when i go to swipe away the stack of notifications, it doesnt do anything. Now i can open the stack and swipe away each individual notification, but thats really annoying if you have 20+ messages. This only happened recently, and it was prior to updating my phone. Everything is currently up to date