Cannot clear notifications

Something new I am experiencing. Cannot swipe away the notifications. I have 50 camera notifications and I have to swipe them away one at a time. It will not let me just swipe away all the wyze notifications from the top. This is super annoying.

That is because the one at the bottom for Notifications Manager is a Persistent Notification and those can’t be dismissed w\ non-persistent ones.

Go into the notification settings in the Android Settings for the Wyze app and find the Notifications Manager channel for Wyze and turn it off. Once off, you can dismiss the entire Wyze Notification group w\ one swipe


Too Vague

Hold down on one of the notification in the notification tray. The Settings Option will appear. (May be different based on your Android Version and OEM Build)

Click on “Turn Off Notifications”. The Wyze Notifications Channels will appear.

Toggle OFF the Notification Manager channel. Click Apply.


That does not fix the problem. It just turns off ALL Wyze notifications… which is not what I want.

Do not turn off All Wyze Notifications, just the Notifications Manager channel. The WyzeMessage channels need to remain on for you to get notifications.

Your settings may be very different if you are running a newer version of Android. I am on Android 11 Moto. To get you the exact path to the settings, please post your Android version and phone brand. Hopefully there is a user with a similar OS build that can point you to where those Android settings are located.

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