Unable to playback recording from sd card

Just checking another user’s problem and got this screen:

However, the camera has an sd card:

App 2.30.0 (a14)

Log 585101

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Looks like a bug. I will get this log investigated.

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Meanwhile could you try re-inserting the card and try again?
Also, can you check if SD card is full under Advanced Settings/Manage MicroSD Card?

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Seems to be an intermittent issue. All of my cameras are working now.

Note that app version is not current and cam firmware is v3 RTSP.

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That doesn’t mean it isn’t a bug…

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What were you doing when you got that response? Since Events are always accessed from the Events page - not the camera page.

I clicked the playback button to review video on the SD card. Wasn’t looking for events, I know better.


Not sure if it’s related, but on my 1 cam with an sd card everytime I view the live stream it says “Action Failed” in the middle. Still works fine but I haven’t tried viewing the playback.

This started today, didn’t do anything updates or anything

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