Unable to move Pan Cams with Finger Swipte

After updating to software v2.14.33 yesterday morning, I no longer can pan my cameras by swiping my finger across the screen. I was able to do this prior to the update. I CAN pan with the 4 dots when the respective cam is selected, but CANNOT pan with a screen swipe either in regular or expanded landscape mode. Is anyone else experiencing this anomaly?

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It’s still working in bata app version 2.14.11.(newest)
Make sure your app is updated.
Have you tried forcing close of the app and reopening it? If that doesn’t work try deleting and reinstalling the app.

Deleting and reinstalling the app worked–THX. HOWEVER, I now was able to observe the anomaly (recreated it). Two of my pan cams have detection zone enabled. This new software update notifies the user (if a cam is manually panned) that the cam will automatically return to the programmed position after 15 seconds and gives the user the option to check a box noting that the app should not remind the user for 14 days. The first time I was notified as such, I did NOT check the box and just cancelled the notification. The manual swipe pan feature worked for a few minutes, then quit (I again was unable to manually swipe to pan the cam). I uninstalled/reinstalled yet another time, and when again faced with the prompt notification about the 15 second auto return, this time I DID check to not notify me for 14 days and this appears to now allow me to manually pan my cams. SO TECH SUPPORT, TAKE NOTE!!

I’m not a Wyze employee, I’m a user. I have sent your feedback to the @WyzeTeam so they can address the issue.
I don’t have this issue with the bata app. Any other @Mavens with this issue?

Doesn’t seem like I’m having the same problem
When I opened the app I was able to manually pan the camera no problem, the notification about the detection zone did pop up, after that I was still able to manually pan the camera with no problem.
After I turned off the detection zone the camera stays wherever I put it ,that’s great

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Sounds similar to the convo over here:


Yep it’s happening to me too

Yep this problem hit me too, it sucks using the little dots because it overshoots the pan, yet another problem with this camera :sleepy::pensive:

Search for my solution in the Wyze Forums!!

I see that u say delete and reinstall the app, but won’t that make you have to press the reset button on the camera to put it back on app?

I believe that all of your cameras and presets are embedded in your Wyze account. Therefore, Uninstalling and reinstalling the app will not affect those items…at least it never has for me! I would not rest your cams unless they are not responding, AND the way I do it is either through the reset option within the app or I unplug/plug in each cam. I only have hit the reset on the bottom of the cam to install new cams, sensors, contacts and bridges. No need to go overboard if not necessary!!

Good luck!

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Yep that worked but now the window cam is turning more pink :joy::joy::joy:

I think this camera is ready to just call it quits and go to sleep for good. Time to check out if the ezviz cams are on sale again :woozy_face:

I’m having the same problem. I rely on the ability to pan with my finger. If this isn’t fixed, I’m definitely not getting any more pan cams.

Is your camera on the latest firmware?

Check out my fix that I posted on the Forum!

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This worked for me …

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Turning off Enable Hardware Decoder fixef the problem for me too. Thanks very much for posting that answer,!

Of course, as a developer, I find that very strange. What on Earth does hardware decoding (which is all about pixel values) have to do with touch UI (which is about coordinates)?

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Search for my solution in the Wyze Forums AND turn of hardware decoding!