Unable to complete setup

Finally getting around to setting up my Home Monitoring Service so that I can try and lock in the $4.99 monthly price.

I have set up the hardware base station, and joined the WiFi - but on the app, when attempting to name the house and set the property address, I get the error

“Membership bind HMS failed”

and I can’t get any further… all I can do is “Reset Setup” or “Exit Setup” which just takes me out - and attempting to do it all again just does the same thing.

“Reset Setup” - reports “Home Monitoring Setup Reset failed!”

Any ideas?

Have you gotten your subscription setup in the app? Check the services tab to be sure your Home Monitoring subscription is there and active.

Mine is not active, but when I go to activate the subscription it just asked if I already have a bundle or if I need to subscribe.

Clicking either option just takes me back to the HMS tab to set up the device and once you get to the Home setup section again you’re right back at “Membership bind HMS failed”.

Edit: Looks like I had an email with an activation code to get the service started. I figured they would have just started it once I setup the device. Now I’m back on track after redeeming the code from my email way back when. I at least think I locked in the $5/mo pricing since I activated the service.