Home Monitoring Setup "FAILED" + other HMS Issues

About two weeks ago my Home Monitoring tab reset for an unknown reason. I’ve been using the service for a few years now and this is the first time it’s happened. Now when I try to set up the service, after adding the hub and devices, I get to the “dispatch…” part where you set the name for the home. Once I submit that it says “FAILED” at the bottom with a brief toast notification and then returns to the dispatch setup beginning (see screenshot). I’ve tried contacting support several times, chat and email, and I get no where (very frustrating). I’ve seen serval posts and online forum articles with this issue and others that haven’t had any resolution. Support emails keep saying “I understand you’re trying to hard rest you hub…” which is NOT my issue. It’s server side, as I can see equipment set up in my account, but cannot setup the service again? I’ve seen where Wyze can just “reset” the service to try and resolve but I’m not sure how the heck you get that far speaking to a rep? I’ve been told to submit a ticket, and I do, and then told I can’t be helped as support can’t see logs? What the heck?

Help please. I’ve invested a lot of money (several dozen devices and services) and this not being fixed right away is concerning.

All hardware is connected through the app. I receive notifications (i.e. a leak detected or door opened) but I cannot get through the set up of the home monitoring service through the app.

Help resetting the service would be appreciated.

My home monitoring stopped working on 4/15 and I’ve repeatedly open tickets, submitted logs and keep getting the same unhelpful advice to reset hub (doesn’t work) and then they close the ticket on me. I got someone on the phone finally 2 days ago and they said it’s not just me and a known issue they are working to fix but have no estimation on how long.