Initial setup of home monitoring bugs out HMS ID failed

initial setup of home monitoring bugs out with the error message below during the protection setup->home setup step

HMS id failed

initial setup with 3 month free subscription fails to get through the home setup step.
error: HMS id failed

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Is your 3 month HMS Subscription showing in the Account>Services>Home Monitoring header or within your subscriptions on

first experience with wyze home monitor is horrible, ordered $300 worth of core setup and various sensors, paired all the sensors and grouped them how i wanted just to have the monitor setup fail and customer support chat hasn’t for a factory reset on my hub which didn’t resolve my issue. wasted my time setting up my sensors. can’t get past this error during 0/3 protection monitoring-> home setup please fix this bug so that i get some satisfaction

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that’s fine, i’m a embedded software engineer at telecommunications company, i dont have any issue trying to resolve this with other users, i’ve posted on reddit, discord and here hoping to find someone with the same issue. i spend 30 mins with customer service and all it got me was a gift card offer and a email with the chat history. i don’t want my money back i want this bug fixed

It is most likely something with the iOS App. I am using Android so it isn’t something I can troubleshoot. If you were using Android, I would suggest an App removal and sideload reversion from an older APK version. Not sure that is possible on iOS. There is currently a Beta in progress that may do the trick, but that opens up Pandora’s box for possible additional issues.

What App version are you running?

this feels like a database issue, apparently all i did was reboot the hub by holding the resets for 10secs, im not sure if the database is on the device, a factory reset should clear it, not sure how to run one of those

another thing is they may be querying a flat database via nvm memory addresses, which could require a different level of factory reset

my plan is to see if i can get this resolved within 30days, if not, i’m shipping the entire system back to amazon as non functional, which requires me to scrape all the sensors off my walls, is what it is

or they ship me a dev unit and i can minicom into it to backtrace this error

That didn’t reboot the Hub, it Factory Reset it. This requires a complete new Setup of both the Hub and all Sensors.

A Reboot is a 5s press until the first lights flash. The Hub does not require a new setup and sensors will not need reinstalled.

ah, the hub has a subset of paired devices, i’ll take another look, that good that we can factory reset, it should clear the database, im not sure if the error is app clientside or hub serveside with a return error, it’s either the data payload isn’t valid before the send, or the api is hit and we get a error

this feels like a client/server version mismatch, api isn’t lining up

You aren’t the only user to have reported this so I would suspect an app issue.

would you happen to know where reported bugs are listed and where i can find out what bugs have been resolved for patch release? so that i can get progress reports of bugs being worked on and patches being release for some of those bugs

Known bugs are published on the Wyze Knowledge Articles Page at

Bugs are usually reported and tested here in the forum quicker though in the App or Firmware update thread for the respective version.

Not knowing what version of the App you are on, the last App Update for iOS was for 2.46.0(6) on 10/19/23. The App Release Thread is here: Wyze app and firmware updates - Released 10/19/2023.

There is also a current Beta App (iOS v.2.47.0(1)) in testing being discussed here: Wyze App 2.47 Beta Testing 10/26/2023