Unable to checkout using Brave browser

I have been using the Brave browser on an Apple laptop for a couple of years now. I fully understand the limitations caused by having shields up. But now, even with shields disabled, I can not order anything on the Wyze website. I have not always had this problem, so something has changed. Meaning the site is way too dependent on 3rd party privacy violations. I resorted to using Safari to complete a purchase. I normally would never get that desperate, but could not isolate exactly what was wrong with the Wyze web UI. Am I the only one? Possibly.

Dumb question - after disabling Shields, did you restart Brave?

Not a dumb question. I did not. When you disable shields Brave does a hard refresh on the page. I also killed and reloaded the Wyze checkout page multiple times. I’ll try another test after restarting Brave. Minor inconvenience since I have a hundred other tabs working on things.

Restarted Brave. There was even a minor update waiting. Still no go. Not sure what the difference is, but I have a laptop with macOs 10.14 (Mojave) and checkout works fine there. I can only reproduce the issue using the latest macOS (10.15 Catalina) and the latest Brave browser. As I mentioned, using developer tools I can see rejected 3rd party requests, which might be causing the checkout process to hang.

That would be my guess.

Brave is one of six browsers I use (for various reasons) on the Linux desktops / laptops, and Android. I mostly use the “dev” or “beta” channel versions of browsers.