Unable to proceed through checkout flow to purchase items from Wyze shop website

Just bought the Wyze robot vacuum and color bulbs and thus far I’m impressed with their offered functionality and price point.

I wanted to buy more Wyze products tonight but noticed Wyze had problem with their buy flow on their website.

After trying to proceed to checkout after reviewing my cart, I kept getting this error. I tried on different browsers (Edge, Firefox, etc.) and got same error.

I’m hoping they fix this for Cyber Monday.

Welcome to the Community @Demonteverde . I am a community member as well and try to help when I can.

Was curious if you tried on another device other than Windows 11?

I just tried on a Chromebook using Google Chrome and was able to place an order.

Slightly same issue for me. Trying to order Wyze bulbs. I get the ‘THE REQUESTED QTY IS NOT AVAILABLE’ when trying to add to my cart. Doesn’t matter if I try to order 1 or 2, same issue.
Win10 21H1, Edge browser (Official build v96.x). I disabled my Adblock, tried from private mode etc but no joy.

Even tried via the Wyze app on my iPhone. I got all the way through the process but received a generic ‘order couldn’t be placed’ when attempting to buy.

Interesting,I am not having the issue. I ordered Wyze Motion Sensors and a Shirt :slight_smile: . Had not problem ordering and getting the order number.

I wold call Wyze and see if they are having issues, I am sure they would like to get this fixed as it affects ordering:

you can reach them by phone: (206) 339-9646 Available Monday - Friday 4 am - 8 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT, or online: Wyze.com/support

I used my work iPhone and was able to complete my order through Wyze app on iOS.

Newbie Here & I was searching this forum to see if others might have solutions as to why I could not order my first ever V3 cam cameras, SD Cards, and outdoor power cord for the V3. everytime I ordered it said order not created. I really wanted this order to go through because on the Wyze Website the cost of the V3 camera’s were $6.00 higher unless I got them from the Garage Sale. After many attempts of ordering from the app I put in a trouble ticket (email) to support last night. Today I decided to order from the garage sale and when I went to select the SD cards to go with it there was not an option to add them to the cart and that got me to thinking maybe thats why my order would not go through on the app. I just went back to the APP and removed everthing but the V3 cameras @ just under 30 bucks apiece and the order went through.
thought I might post this incase it may help someone else.