Ordering page is failing consistently

Does anyone else have trouble ordering stuff from wyze? I’ve tried several different browsers, different computers, and I always seem to have problems… I’ll be navigating the site and sometimes something pops up and says something about an invalid key, but then even on the occasional chance that I can get what I want into the cart, I end up in a checkout mode where there’s a white/black animated rectangle that seems to be some kind of “wait” indicator gets stuck on the screen (doesn’t move with the page when I scroll) and the NEXT button never gets activated. I order stuff all the time online and never have any trouble. I dont understand why in 2020, a simple cart webpage can be problematic?! Has anyone else seen this, and knows what browser the web developer intended? I have loved every wyze product I’ve been able to get, but there have been several times I just literally couldn’t get the web page to sell me something…

Yes, I am currently stuck in the same purgatory. The chatbot is no help; it only shows something about Error Code 90. Here I am trying to spend money and Wyze won’t take it.

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Update: Following someone else’s post, I tried the same order thru the app. The first time, it said the order failed, without giving a reason. A couple minutes later I tried again and it processed. Not all of Wyze hates me, but the online page sure does.

Funny thing, in the last year, all the merchants in my rural town have learned to use Square with very few problems, but here is one of the country’s leading-edge hi-tech firms unable to take an order online.

I’m trying to buy a home monitoring kit and the website won’t let me do it. Also, so much for free shipping over $99. Tried the Android phone app and the home monitoring kit doesn’t even show up. What’s going on?

At least you’re not alone. It doesn’t show up on the IOS app either.

I tried the HMS order not too long ago with additional items tacked on. Still need to order more (and was hoping Wyze week would deliver some discounts on sensors and such. Alas, no). It was the Outdoor Cam add-on that tanked my order. It kept triggering an OUT OF STOCK error…and apparently you cannot just buy ONE Outdoor Cam…very strange.

At any rate, it might be because you aren’t logged in and might be adding more items on there that are potentially out of stock? Just a thought. Happened to me last week.

Their eCommerce platform is abysmal. I don’t even see my Cam+ discounts most of the time and pre-order stuff doesn’t always show up unless I refresh. It’s like they don’t want our money. I think they’re growing way too fast and losing sight of functionality and trying to mitigate that by inundating us with product releases…

Update: Found an inane workaround to the ordering process for the home security system. Instead of Yearly monitoring I switched it to monthly monitoring. Everything worked after that including free shipping. So instead of the website saying my order was empty it showed up and I was able to purchase it. Something is seriously wrong with their website, because prior to this it consistently said out of stock, and the android app doesn’t even show the home monitoring system to buy.