Can't purchase through Chrome, Safari (HELP!)

Hi Wyze Cam team,


I was looking forward to purchasing your product for our nursery, but am having some serious issues getting my CC to process. I originally planned to order through Amazon (product on back order and not shipping for a month or so), and then wen’t directly to your site to submit an inquiry about whether it would be faster to order directly from Wyze Cam.

I received a response from one of your team members recommending that I try different browsers, devices, and finally, ordering through data, as opposed to being connected to WiFi and ordering the product.

Long story short, there seems to be a bug of some sort at checkout - I’m unable to order through Chrome, Safari, on WiFi, not on WiFi, and I’ve tried to order via three different devices: iMac, iPhone and Macbook Air.


Sorry to hear that. This is a bug that we’ve seen, but very rare. We think it has some to do with conflicts with plug-in or extensions on your browser.

We normally suggest people to try with different browser ( clean up cache, or using a private mode in the browser ). But sounds like you have already tried that.

Have you tried using Amazon Pay ? During the checkout process, you can use “amazon pay” where you will be using your Amazon saved cards to pay for the transaction. Let us know if this work ?


Try using Opera browser. Don’t install any extensions.

Disable all extensions , restart your browser and you should be able to proceed.