Why can't I buy using Chrome?


I’ve ordered a number of times using your website. However, when I try to buy in Chrome I can’t do it. There are two issues.

  1. The option for Amazon Pay doesn't show up at all
  2. When I go to the payment page I see the text boxes to input my credit card info but the web page doesn't let me enter any information. It's acting as if it's read only.
I must open the site in Microsoft Edge and redo my order to buy anything. This catches me every time and your site is the only one that I've ever had problems purchasing product with Chrome.



We’ve been hearing about some issues around this in the past few days and haven’t been able to recreate it yet. Would you be willing to email support@wyzecam.com and test out what may be happening here with us? Let me know that support ticket number, thanks!

Ticket #43931 has been created.