Uhm, take the plastic off the chime . .

I generally leave the plastic protection strips on things until I have them working.

To the point that I’ve found them on monitors I’ve been using for years (on the bezels, not the screen), and a clock radio or tw.

Anyway, I’d been annoyed by the low volume of the chime.

I even tuned it all the way up, and it was still not quite enough to to be herd through the house.

And then I noticed it still had plastic.

4 (of 8) was too loud, and we had to knock it down to 3 . , ,

I was surprised at how much it blocked.


It’s kind of a nice surprise when you realize you can remove them and their dust/scratches/etc. and have a sparkling new device. Like finding money in an old coat.


I wondered why the image on my new dash cam had a blue tint. :roll_eyes:

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