Two Robot Vacuums with two different firmware versions

I have two robot-vacuums (Wyze Robot Vacuum 200S) and they both have different versions of the firmware. One has firmware version 1.6.306 and the other has version 1.6.113, The reason I noticed this is because the one with version 1.6.306 will allow me two map a second room. Both versions are up to date according to the app. Any help is appreciated.

Did you buy these at the same time and place, or diffrent?

Older vacuums don’t support multi floor mapping yet as there was an issue with the update process. Newer vacuums come preinstalled with that version, so it’s not an issue.

Wyze is working on fixing the update, but it’s been taking forever.

At this time there is no way to get multi floor mapping on units that don’t already have it until Wyze releases an update


Yes I did buy separately and I appreciate your reply. Makes perfect sense. Hopefully they figure it out sometime soon.


Model: WRV200S
Firmware: 1.6.306
Plugin Ver: 2.36.1
Wyze App Ver: v2.38.0 (153)

My suggestion to you is to return the older version of Robo Vac and buy one from Walmart as I did.
Note: The first thing is to “validate the software version” if good keep it if not return it! and try again and again, till you get what you paid for. Don’t wait and get frustrated for an update you may or may not get years later.
However, I do applaud the customer her and the support to other users. Their heart is well intended.

Capt. Rob

Unfortunately I can’t as I bought the first one off Amazon 6 to 9 months ago. It’s not a big deal as I will use the new one for upstairs also.

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@j2arch ,
It’s your call here. If the box stated multi-floor mapping then return it and go to Walmart and buy one. It’s really that easy. Otherwise, Good luck getting an update some year!
Capt Rob