Robot Vacuum - Multiple floors

Would be great if we could save multiple scans and room configurations. Like a downstairs and upstairs so I don’t have to keep remapping and setting up no go zones.

That should be on the new WRV firmware and app. I currently do Beta Testing of the App and Firmware to see what is coming and to provide feedback if issues exists before they go live. I am not a Wyze Employee, just a community member.

Here are my versions

  • Android beta app: 2.24.23
  • iOS App Vesion: 2.24.34
  • WRV Firmware Version: 1.6.173

Here is an image of it:
I put a yellow arrow pointing to the multi-floor settings area


AWESOME! Thanks!

Looks like I’m waiting on the new WRV Firmware. I am currently at 1.6.113. Hopefully it will release soon.

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Is there any update on the release of firmware 1.6.173? I have app v2.24.52 but my firmware is still at 1.6.113 as I am no a beta tester.

I am really interested in the multi-floor mapping, one of the reason for buying this device. I am very happy with the vacuum, good quality and no problems. I have enrolled in the beta program, but do not get access to firmware versions that have this feature. I seem to be stuck at 1.6.113. Is a later version of the firmware still available? If so, how can I get access?