Two Factor Authentication for outside US

Two factor authentication (SMS) requires a US mobile phone number.
IT WILL NOT WORK unless you have a standard 10 digit US number.
The current implementation rules out Europe, Asia, Pacific, etc. Security matters here in New Zealand as well.

And the many different standards may be part of why Wyze does not yet officially support the world only the US.
/edit - and why bring up New Zealand? is it in the EU?

Because Brian is in New Zealand, part of “Pacific”.

@BrianC, As @gemniii mentions, Wyze does not sell or support their products outside the US because of several reasons including lack of overseas servers, shipping arrangements, support staff etc. They have tried unsuccessfully to get Amazon to stop selling the cameras overseas.

See the video below starting at the 3:30 mark:

That said, you can vote for app-based 2FA here:

Be sure to click the VOTE button at the top.

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Hi All, we are researching this right now, looks like UK and Mexico are the ones with some traffic. We will keep you posted!


Access to 2FA in Australia would be great. And while it is only available in the USA your App should say that. It might reduce the number of queries you get and reduce your workload.

Here’s a #wishlist topic that you may want to hop over and vote for and/or comment on: Add authenticator app(s) for 2 Factor Authentication (2FA)

Many thanks

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This is a must, even if you don’t officially support other countries, you should build your services thinking that you will do it some day…

Here is a Wishlist topic you may want to vote and/or comment on. It would allow 2FA from outside the US:


App support would be more secure. Currently, if you’re phone is cloned then the authentication goes to that device as well. I’d say the likelihood of cloning is low for most people but last year someone in Pakistan tried to purchase a replacement sim card for my son’s phone.

I too would like to add my support for 2FA to be made available to international users.
We know you don’t sell the hardware abroad directly, and I’d say the majority of purchasers through your Amazon storefront are international, so it must be a nice little revenue-stream for you. There is no expectation from international users of the same QoS as offered to US customers. We’re resigned to Google Home not streaming properly (pity), or no Alexa Skill, or not even being able to avail of the Wyze Services (e.g. CMC).
But security is a different kettle of fish entirely. 2FA isn’t something that should be offered based on geography, it should be baked into the cake, so to speak, for all users. It’s crazy that it would be intentionally left out for international customers. Particularly when we hear of a potential hack of customer data today.
Otherwise, I’m loving the cameras, sensors and looking forward to the lock… I’m just hoping that the absence of 2FA isn’t going to leave my door wide open, literally.

@CaptainMark would you be able to give an indication of numbers of international users per country (if number is less than 30 leave it out).

I understand the concern, but frankly, they probably won’t add this until they officially offer sales and support to other countries. There are a lot of challenges (including added costs) related to supporting different countries. Many products that DO support multiple countries sell a different version of the product for that country. Wyze currently only comes in a US version. (The included plugs, for example, are ONLY the North American type.)

I get that people from other countries are technically able to get their hands on the product through unofficial channels, but Wyze doesn’t recommend this, nor is it something they can really control. (The non-US Amazon storefronts are not considered official resellers.) The only thing they could really do to curb this would be to block foreign IP addresses, but that would effectively brick the product for any existing international users, so I doubt you’d prefer that.

In the meantime, if you’d like to use 2-factor authentication, you might try signing up for an US-based number with Google Voice or some other VOIP provider. You can also vote for these wishlist items related to international support. It’s certainly on their radar, but they’ve already said it will be a little further down the road.


But proper MFA support, is not dependent on international support. SMS MFA is better then nothing, but it’s not secure and this has been the industry norm now for years, so It would be about time take security a bit more seriously and add proper MFA support.

On top of using a non-SMS MFA solution like OTP MFA, they would also avoid the issues they had last night, because of overloaded MFA server, due to the token reset.

So it’s pretty much a win/win for Wyze. They provide better security, they provide more stability for their current US customers, they give their customers the choice to choose a solution they want and on top of that, as a bonus where they don’t have to do use more resources, they also help out their fans outside of the US.

SMS-based 2FA is dependent on international support, which is what they’re using for now. But you can vote here if you’d like to see them add an app-based solution.

And that’s my point. A proper 2FA solution like OTP codes it not dependent on international support, and gives tons of benefits to Wyze them self and US customers, while helping out international customers.

Lets say the current breach is real, there will be a massive fallout in the press, and it doesn’t improve Wyze’s PR, that they only support SMS 2FA.

Please have 2FA for Philippine users too, Using Google Authenticator for 2FA looks better than using SMS. Why not use that? Is Wyze avoiding interfacing with Google?

Using Google Authenticator wouldn’t involve interfacing with Google. If GA were supported, one could also use Authy, Microsoft Authenticator, or any other based on the standard.

Why only SMS for US and Canada? I would love to see some improvements here very soon, especially considering the recent security issues!