Two commercially available mount alternatives for the Motion sensor

This weekend, I spent a bit of time wandering the aisles of my local Home Depot and I managed to find a couple of products that might serve as a reasonable mounting solution for the wyze motion sensor.

The first is a product called Hangables Permanent Small Hook by Velcro brand. This specific version is almost the perfect width to adhere the backside of the wyze sense motion camera. The angle of the hooks appear to be about 20-30 degrees. Aesthetically, this product is great and even comes with Command Strip style adhesives for mounting the hooks to a wall.

The second product, which I opted for, is actually one which everyone should be familiar - Picture Hangers. Or in this case, very large picture hangers made by Ook (15pc. - 100 lbs. brass - Model 534282). Strangely enough, this specific item is not for sale on Home Depot’s website and the lone alternative option only slightly resembles what I have. In fact, I couldn’t find this specific package anywhere online. Here are a few photos of the actual packaging and a hanger next to a wyze motion sensor.

As you can see, the hanger is quite large, and that was on purpose. My goal was to find a hanger with the largest surface area in order for my choice of adhesive, Velcro Brand Removable Wall Fasteners, to securely hold on to the Motion sensor.

From the pictures you should see that the hanger is roughly 1/3 the width of the motion sensor. Initially, I thought this might be a problem but the velcro adhesive squares proved to be more than adequate for holding these amazingly small Motion sensors. Just make sure you place the square inside of the “padded circle” on the back side of the Motion sensor to ensure a clean adhesion.

Here’s a photo of my “tester” mount. I adjusted the angle of the hanger to about 40 degrees or so with a pair of pliers and not much effort.

I plan to paint the remaining hangers white before I mount the rest of my Motion sensors. All told, this cost me about $1.50 per mount, including adhesives. Might have to add a bit more to the cost when painted. Hope this helps others. Happy mounting!


Pretty clean looking. Easy to move, provided the nail is not driven into a stud.
I also think, it will look nicer painted white.

I just picked up a small can of flat white spray paint from the hobby store this evening. Gonna give the rest of the hangers a good coat this weekend and then mount the rest of my motion sensors. I’m so thrilled with the way these sensors work that I’m considering another purchase. Just need to find a purpose. :slight_smile:

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Get it and the purpose will come. I keep a couple of spares configured and ready to go for impromptu monitoring. My nephew has one set up under the house in the crawl space to monitor the rat trap.