Motion Sensor v2 and Entry Sensor v2 Mounting Brackets

Several years ago when I 1st started buying Wyze products, I was not happy with the sticky-back mount. Wyze did not offer a plastic mount bracket buy I could buy them for my V1 contact and motion sensors. I bought the V2 contact and motion sensors but now again I’m faced with the hokey sticky-back mount option. What is it so difficult to expect Wyze to include a plastic mount bracket for the contact and motion sensors that I can buy on Ebay? Ok, so don’t include them, I’d buy them. Either way I’ve had my Wyze sensors for a year now along with the home monitor system and I don’t use it because I refuse to mount with the sticky back. I’ll my V1 sensors have a nice secure plastic mount I can easily pop out the sensor for a quick battery change, not so with the sticky back. Makes me resent Wyze, and I was so proud of them. What about a plastic mount for motion sensors that allow you to mount in a corner cause that would have utility!!! Dissipopinted… May just trash my whole Wyze system who’s sole basis for existence is a simple reseller of rebranded product of China. Resellers!!!

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All of my v2 motion sensors are corner mounted with screws. The back plate of the Motion Sensor v2 is a bracket with predrilled holes for corner mounting with the included screws and wall anchors or adhesive backing. Once mounted, push up and slide the motion sensor up off the mounting bracket to relocate or access the batteries. Slide the motion sensor back down onto the mounting bracket to reinstall. My v2 entry sensors are also screw mounted, but I had to drill the back plates.

Check out Idea Xtruder on etsy. He makes mounting brackets for all the Wyze Sensors and several other brands.

Here is a listing for the contact sensor:

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