Screw mount solution for Wyze Sense motion sensor and contact sensors

In my climate with extreme hot/cold fluctuations no adhesive tape works long term. Also, I have one of the contact sensors in my garage for my garage overhead door and within just two days the adhesive on the magnet failed…no surprise. I know that these are designed for indoors where the climate is more regulated so no fault of design from Wyze. I just want an easy solution to mount the motion sensor and contact sensors with screws instead of tape. Does anyone have any creative ideas to share for this and perhaps some pictures?

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First thing that comes to mind when thinking about this is creating a base that mounts with a screw.

Idea #1
-Use a large washer and screw to essentially flush mount the washer and then JB Weld the sensor to the washer. After looking at the back of the motion sensor, you would lose the ability to replace the battery down the road unless you only use it in the center.

Idea #2
-Pull off the battery door, drill a small hole in the middle of the door for a flat head screw. Lightly screw the battery door to desired location. Reattach motion detector body. The key point in this is to get a screw head flush enough to fit in the door without pushing against the battery too much.

Hope one of these helps!

What about a spot or two of hot glue? Strong yet flexible and easy enough to scrape off with a razor knife when needed

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I am thinking of designing a small 3D printed mount for the unit. It will have a single small screw hole in the back and allow the unit to snug fit into it.


That is an excellent idea but if you do not have the needed specific software skills and/or the costly 3D printer with supplies to do so then it is not a financially feasible option to explore. However, I would be interested in seeing any pictures if you decide to do it.

I was thinking more along the lines of notching out a piece of wood that I can get out of my garage or at Home Depot and placing the sensor in the wood notch that is created and leaving a place for a screw(s) attachment.

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I think your on the right track with mounting a simple piece of scrap 2x4 with a screw to the wall. You can angle cut the wood to facilitate how you need to angle the camera base to get the best view, and then just get some epoxy and bond it to the wood. It will last for ever…or decades at least.

I mounted on my overhead door that has galvanized vertical medal supports strips using things I had on hand.
I used no adhesives or screws. Just magnets and plastic bag.

  1. 2" x 3" plastic bag that contained screws and hollow wall anchors for something I purchased in the passed but didn’t use.
  2. Used 3 Super Strong Block Fridge Magnets Rare Earth Neodymium 25x8x2mm.
  3. Placed sensor in bag with reed switch facing down.
  4. Used one magnet to hold top of bag so sensor is hanging down position.
  5. Used 2 magnets one on top of the other 2 underneath the sensor close enough to transfer the switch.
  6. As the door goes up from the vertical to horizontal position, gravity pulls the sensor in bag down and away from the lower 2 magnets and transfers the sensor.

Keeping It Simple

P.S. Battery replacement won’t be a problem also…

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If you still want to use an adhesive tape; go to your local autoparts store and purchse 3M body moulding tape. It is designed to hold body parts to cars driving over 100 mph and in all temperatures.

Follow the instructions and make sure the surfaces are completely free of dirt and oils (including your hands! :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: )

Clean the area with alcohol first and let it dry before applying the adhesive tape. This black tape when applied correctly will have no issue keeping the magnet and sensor where you stick them.

I have security sensors weighing more than Wyze’s installed in a garage that gets to 130F :cactus: :sunny: in the summer and -15F in the winter. :cloud_with_snow: :snowflake:

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Hmmm…great tip. However, if I decide I want to move it later on for better access to the battery or any other reason its going to be a mess to deal with undoing. A screw or screws are more flexible although they leave holes…its in my garage so I do not care.

I actually like that creative approach using a plastic bag to hold it part. Perhaps I could put the sensor in a plastic Ziploc bag and use push pins to fasten the bag itself to the wood adjacent to the garage door. That still leaves me dealing with adhesive tape for the magnet. Maybe I will consider digging through my old stuff and see if I can find an old alarm magnet that has the screw holes included. In this scenario, I could easily bolt the magnet onto the side of the garage door with little effort using a drill. With this setup, the magnet will stay on the garage door for any climate change issues and I could easily take the sensor out of the Ziploc bag for battery replacement. Wow…good collaboration of ideas here, thank you.

Great advice! So far the 3M body molding tape works for me with a contact sensor in a black mailbox in the Florida heat. I did peal off the original foam/tape on the sensor first before applying the molding tape. Thanks!

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I was thinking of putting a contact sensor inside of a mailbox too. #bobinpensacola…is your mailbox always in the direct sun or does it get partial or full shade all day long? My mailbox is black metal and is in the direct sunlight all day long so I am not sure if even the 3M body molding tape is going to work for long.

#jeff007: Black plastic mail box in direct son, I don’t think the metal box will let the contact signal out. Also, keep in mind it has only been one day and we haven’t had real hot sunny days yet. I’ll monitor this link and if anything changes, I’ll post it. So far in the mid 80s here this week.

Attach both sides to a larger plate and JB weld them together then you can screw them to whatever you want.

Maybe bend a thin strip of metal to mold around the magnet/sensor with tabs on the ends to screw through into your surface?

I have the same problem - only I have two sensors mounted on my fence gates to let me know if my landscapers leave them open (they’ve done it several times and I’ll let my dogs out not knowing it and then it’s a total nightmare).

Today of course they actually managed to close the gates… but knocked the sensors off. I’m going to simply drill holes through the wood and use zip ties to secure them so that I’m not using glue or anything permanent.

I was wondering if anyone had 3d printed any brackets yet with screw holes. Seems like that would be the ideal method.

I printed these and they work pretty well:

YMMV depending on which 3D printer you have. Also, if you don’t have a 3D printer I discovered that many local libraries now have 3D printers available for public use for free or the cost of filament.

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Wyze Sensor Mounting Bracket,Screw Mount Solution
1-Pack , 2-Pack , 3-Pack

here is another option. links in the description to print or buy


it has been a while but I just updated my mount for the wyze sense. I had finished it right when they announced they discontinued the sense line. So I just sat on it but apparently people are still ordering my original brackets so I decided to list this one. Simple Bracket for Wyze Sense (NEW) - YouTube

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