Tips for Wyze Sense battery replacement

Wyze Sense clasps holder so tight I find it hard to replace the battery. Adhesive"strip" hard to replace. Any suggestions or tricks? Any suggestions on “easy holders” so I can easily open & replace battery w/o all these complications? Placed Wyze Sense on front door & back door

I too gave up on the adhesive foam.

What I do is use a small piece 3M Velcro pad on the sensor and then another pad on the door frame to attach the sensor.

Then when I have to change the senor or the senor battery, I just pull the sensor away from the other pad.



Hot glue works the best for me, it sticks the sensors in place easily, and peals right off when I need to get it down

Check out ideaxtruder on etsy. Drew makes several different mounts for the sensors.

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