Two cameras side by side *on* the floodlight

i’m thinking about getting one of these floodlights but would like to have two camera side by side on the mount pointing in opposite directions with about 70degrees between them. has anyone tried/found a way to do that? (i imagine one would have to fab a custom mount.) thanks.

I think @IEatBeans made something like this




hey, that’s cool. this is close to what i was looking for. it looks though like the cameras might block the floods from point down and forward as normal? my thought was to make a mount that is like a saddle and lowers the cameras to either side of the PIR but not so low that it might block the side view of the sensor. (i dont have the lights but will get some and have a go at it.)

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It depends on how exactly you want to position the floods, I chose to put mine up so the light reflects off of the wall and it’s not as strong of a light, but the mount isn’t preventing me from moving them down if I wanted. You may have trouble if you went to point them down and forward however.


Here’s a remix of mine someone else made that may work for you.


Just duct tape them together.