Two cameras, one being a problem

Hello all,

I bought two identical cameras, two identical SD cards, and one of these cameras is disconnecting from the network and failing to record onto the local SD card while the other is always connected and has a full blue line, with no gaps in video.

I bought two of these:

Which are the WYZEC2 cams

And I bought two of these:

Now, the only difference is that I updated one. The GOOD one is running older firmware that came on it ( and the BAD one was updated to is running
Problem 1: gaps/skipping in local recording
Problem 2: disconnecting, unavailable on network

(After these issues started, which seemed to be almost immediately, I chose to not update the other camera. Although, I updated as soon as it offered, so it may have been defunct out of the box.)

If the recording issue was the only one, I would think it might be a bad SD card. But because there are multiple issues with the other camera, I’m thinking I have a faulty unit. What is the best course of action to get the problem camera working flawlessly like the other?

I bought these through Amazon, and don’t really want to claim another “defective” item, as I’ve recently had a few lemons that I returned. (I try to keep my returns down, as my buddy of mine was banned from returns for some time after he returned food that came damaged, opened, and missing contents.)

Things tried to solve the problems:
Problem 1. SD card reformatted, again - no improvement
Problem 2: moved closer to base - No improvement
Problem 1+2: Flashed down to, and reformatted SD card again - No improvement
Problem 1+2: Replaced USB outlet w/ aftermarket USB power source - no improvement
Problem 1+2: firmware automated update, reformat SD card - no improvement

I’m now sitting in the same room with it, and it is routinely clicking, somewhat in time with it logging itself off the network. I think the clicks are related to the unit cycling itself. If that’s the case, think it’s either power source or an internal hardware/software issue.

After some suggestions and a bit of troubleshooting, I’m gonna send it back to Amazon tomorrow unless someone has a fix. Thank you.

Try within the wyze app to format the sd card. Might take a minute or 2. You can also try repeating the setup process. Could also be due to distance of WiFi.

I will format the SD card when the camera lets me. (I am fairly certain I formatted it when I put the SD card in, which was only a few days ago, but I will do it again. The “Format SD Card” button isn’t doing anything, possibly because “local recording” is on. When I try to turn it off, it repeatedly says “operation failed.”) Will update. OK I just got it formatted.

I understand distance to Wifi could be an issue for ONE of these problems, but it says “wifi strength 82%” and it is remarkably close to the router, although down one floor. (Camera on ceiling downstairs, router almost immediately above it on a low shelf below the TV.)

As of right now, my settings are clear: record always. I think the only thing I can do now is to see if there’s any improvement before I try to flash a downgrade. (No more updates available.) Do you think a flash down could help?

I’ve never tried that with the cameras. Try swapping locations if you can. Can A for B, B for A. If the problem keeps on I’m not sure

If none of the things suggested work. I would contact support for additional trouble shooting or replacement.