Is my Cam V2 garbage now? Twice received poor quality service/product

About two weeks ago I noticed one of my 5 Wyze cameras was not showing me or storing video for continuous recording playback any more. I could still make manual recordings and save time lapses to the microSD card but playback video was nonexistent. These are the steps I did next:
-reset the camera x 4
-verified uptodate app and firmware for cam
-disconnected from power for 30 seconds x 3
-reformatted the microSD card x 4
-contacted Wyze Support where I was eventually advised to do a factory reset. After the factory reset the camera will now not even connect to my network, None of my other cameras ever did this, including one with a bridge (for sensors near by) less than 10feet away. When I advised Support of this I was told they would check to see if warrranty applies but responded saying it only would if I lived in the USA… I live in Canada.

I am pretty frustrated because Wyze Support took a camera with a 25% faulty camera and rendered it 100% faulty. Is this camera garbage now?


Welcome to the Forum @scottaross, even though under not-so-good circumstances.
Two things come to mind:
I am suspicious of your SD card. You said you reformatted it but did you use the camera or an external program If you have bad tracks developing on a card the cam or a quick format option on a PC might not catch and repair. Recommendation on cards now is to use
High Endurance Cards and to externally format them using a deep format. This is a recommended Format Utility. There are good reasons to use the HE cards. Here is some Info on High Endurance Cards.

The Factory Reset process is exact and if you don’t follow it precisely it doesn’t work correctly. I have had to do it more than once before it worked before.
You said it won’t connect to the network- I take that to mean you got far enough to be able to reinstall the cam. If so reusing a bad SD card could cause problems. You might want to try another card (see above) and try ReflashIng Your Firmware .
This might at least get you back a partially functioning camera.
Just a long short but if you bought from Amazon are you still within the return window? They don’t care about borders.
I’m out of ideas here. Feel free to post back and let us know what develops.


In addition to the excellent post by @tomp to be safe just remove the SD card during setup. This removes the card as a possible source of troubles. You can always add the SD card later.